2 thoughts on “651 – Night At The Station”

  1. Where the heck is Saturday? Would one not know that the one day which commemorates an historic event is nowhere to be found? $%$%$!!

    On Saturday I finally framed and hung my two original Manessinger’s! I have created a gallery with almost perfect reflected northern light in an area just outside of my third floor studio and right beneath a high window which floods the off-white walls in sunlight…. With the painting and carpeting all now finished I have hung two of my favorite images – yours. They look phenomenal and they are right at eye level for everyone as they enter the space.

    They are surrounded by my work… some of my very best and with yours centered there… Well they help make everything ROCK! It is a wonderful high ceilinged stairwell… there is a half wall separating the stairs and so the area is both wide and tall with that perfect sunlight during the day so that it now feels astonishingly elegant.

    I’m quite proud to own those prints Andreas, they are an important part of my collection.

  2. Thanks for the flowers. I still have not hung your prints. We are in the process of searching for a new home in Carinthia, and then there will finally be enough wall space to do them justice.

    Saturday is “652 – Over The Hills And Far Away“. I only could not post it that day 🙂

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