652 – Over The Hills And Far Away

No shallow depth of field today, no strange discs of light, just some images of Carinthia’s nature, taken Saturday afternoon. I could have titled this entry “Of curves, hills and rabbits”.

Let’s begin with curves. All these images were of course made with the Nikon 85/1.8, although this time mostly at f8 or above. Weather was constantly changing, and this image has some “just before the rain” feeling. It did rain shortly after, but only for minutes. I took the image because of the way the compression played with the curves.

Following the curves of the street, we have a curving fence now. Again this is helped along by the slight compression of the short telephoto lens.

When I finally went swimming, I saw this rabbit in the grass of our parcel by the lake. He obviously had the feeling of being camouflaged and invisible to me. He seemed completely comfortable until I reached about 1.5 meters, then he ran away. Sorry, I did not want to disturb him. After all, he lives there, much more than I do 🙂

The Song of the Day, quite a nice match for the Image of the Day, is “Over The Hills And Far Away” from the 1973 Led Zeppelin album “Houses of the Holy“. Hear it on YouTube.