Apr 302016

I remembered to have taken this image around midnight, but no, it was just early evening. It didn’t make a difference though. In mid-January it’s all the same 🙂

The image posed a challenge though. It was taken at an Underground station with light coming mostly from orange sodium-vapor street lights, along with some much cooler light spill from the station. Believe me, there’s no proper white balance for the whole picture. I’ve used different gradients with different white balance settings and different exposure / contrast /saturation / vibrance settings, I’ve generally taken out a lot of blue, and at least the bike itself seems pretty accurate to me now.

Was it worth it? Well, as an exercise in any case, and I like at least the composition 😀

Apr 252016

Using a macro lens for any kind of architectural photography is a little bit unusual. Maybe I should really, really try to take a few proper macro images some time 😀

This red bridge is one of my favorite places when I need a quick image in Villach. It has enough architectural details, it’s in the sunniest spot of Villach, it’s just a few minutes from home and – did I mention it? – it’s red! At least unless the sinking sun turns it golden.

Apr 242016

It has taken a while, but now we finally dip into 2016 on this blog.

January was a particularly lazy month for me, at least as regards photography. Otherwise I was preparing for a new project at work, something that drained all my energy. But rest assured, I’ve recovered since 😀

3473 – Sveti Anton

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3473 – Sveti Anton
Apr 222016

If you think this image of Saint Anthony of Padua is on a church, you’re wrong. It’s on the wall of a farm house near the church in Feistriz im Gailtal, a village on the north side of the mountains, a place that hardly gets any sun in winter. Climate change may influence the snow, but it doesn’t change the ways of the sun 😀

3472 – The Bark

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3472 – The Bark
Apr 212016

I think I haven’t taken less images in any period of the last ten years than in in the last few months. Here we have the sole survivor of a desperate attempt one afternoon in Villach. Nevertheless, in black and white it even turned out interesting.

It’s hard to tell what the reason for my dwindling interest in photography was. A that time, in late December, I didn’t have the stress at work that I currently have, and I didn’t have anything else that occupied me or my mind. It was just some kind of sluggishness. Thankfully that seems to be over now 🙂