3141 – Rock And A Hard Place

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3141 – Rock And A Hard Place
May 252015

This is a big chunk of rock, worked upon with some crude machinery, turned into a piece of Art, placed in front of the school where I shot yesterday’s blossoms. Whether the color was part of the artist’s original concept or has been applied later, I don’ know it. It does not look out of place though.

Processing pictures always involves choices. In this case I had a rock lit from the left, the left face consequently much lighter than the right side. This gave me leeway to considerably tone it down and add local contrast. I’ve also partially vignetted the image on the left side, and by doing all this, I kind of flattened the image. It’s not what I saw, it’s something else. That I did what I did was in no way unavoidable and I am not even sure that it was the right choice for this image. It’s always moods and choices. Random if you want.

The Song of the Day is “Rock And A Hard Place” by the Rolling Stones. Hear it on YouTube.

May 242015

While I waited for the tires being changed, I took some images in the garden of a shool nearby.

I have no idea what kind of tree that is, but its blossoms are for sure impressive – and so is the bokeh 😀

The Song of the Day is “The Soft Parade” by The Doors. For a certain time in my youth The Doors were my absolutely favorite group. I guess that’s a pretty common phenomenon :)

Hear it on YouTube.

May 232015

As I recently said, that I currently take almost all my images with the 75/1.8 is mostly due to the fact that I don’t feel like having the time for changing lenses 😀

As a walkaround lens, an equivalent focal length of 150 mm may seem awkward at first, but I can asure you, that’s completely wrong. It takes some time until you get the feeling for it, but after a few hours you naturally see through that lens like through any other lens. And, that it’s an extraordinarily beautiful lens of matching quality, does not hurt either :)

The Song of the Day is “Valley Of The Sausages” by Mr Scruff. Hear it on YouTube.

May 212015

Only a cat picture, but, you know, the Internet is ruled by cats and so is our apartment in Villach :)

I took the image through a window and had to crop it heavily. When I tried to take another image from nearer on and from exactly the front, Gamer had already decided to run off the terrace. I’m happy with what I got.

The Song of the Day is “Brother Sister” by Sahara Beck. Hear it on YouTube.

May 202015

Here’s one more B&W image of spring flowers. Actually it looked fairly well in color this time. What you really see well in B&W though, is the impeccable quality of the 75/1.8’s bokeh. Look at the out-of-focus bright spots in the background. There’s no trace of rings or hard edges. It’s all soft and creamy, just as I expect a lens with that price tag to be :)

The Song of the Day is one more time “Dandelion” by Kacey Musgraves. Hear it on YouTube.

May 192015

You’ve seen these houses a few times and even the blossoming trees were featured slightly more than a week ago in “3127 – Spring Street I“. I don’t know exactly when these houses were built, but for me they have a distinctly 1950s charme.

What that is? Well, actually hard to tell. It’s that sane and safe world of the US movies of that time, movies that were made at a time when the US fought a war in Korea and children in schools were told how to “duck and cover” in case of an atomic war.

Crazy, huh? But that’s how it is. I was born in 1964. The 1950s were well before my time. I know them only from movies that we can see now as full of propaganda and wishful thinking. It was a time determined by a witch-hunt for communists, a time full of crazy paranoia. Doesn’t make a difference though. It’s what I learned to see as the peaceful Good Times. And – to be fair – for many people it was just that.

The Song of the Day is “1950” by Amedeo Minghi. Hear it on YouTube.

3134 – Iron Door

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3134 – Iron Door
May 182015

The next black and white image. This time it would have been more or less monochromatic anyway. I thought I’d concentrate on the abrasive texture. The rust color didn’t contribute anything, so here it is.

The Song of the Day is “Iron Doors” by The Lighthouse and the Whaler. Hear it on YouTube.

3133 – Locked In A Cage

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3133 – Locked In A Cage
May 172015

There is this peculiar looking building in Vienna, just across from work. It does not exactly look like an apartment building, but that’s what it is.

Btw, after having processed a flower image to B&W, that’s what this image had to be :)

The Song of the Day is “Locked In A Cage” by Brick + Mortar. Hear it on YouTube.

3132 – Dandelion IV

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3132 – Dandelion IV
May 162015

Spring flowers in B&W??? WTF?!?

Well, why not? Of course like so many of my B&W images this is accidental. It didn’t overly impress me in color, instead of immediately throwing it away I tried a conversion to B&W – and I liked it. There is something in the way the out-of-focus fore- and background draw, that I find very interesting.

The Song of the Day is again “Dandelion” by Kacey Musgraves. Hear it on YouTube.