Oct 302014

Somehow this image triggers the same associations in me as “2904 – The Fortress“, so here we go with the same title one more time. Incidentally the image was also taken at a shopping center, but don’t worry, it’s only a matter of perspective, normally our shops don’t look so literally exclusive :)

The Song of the Day is one more time “The Fortress” by Jackson Dyer. Hear it on YouTube.

Oct 292014

This image was taken in the parking area on the roof of Villach’s biggest shopping center. That’s where I went for inspiration on an uninspiring day.

By the way, this is my first post written on a quad-core Macbook Pro Retina, 15 inch, 2.5 GHz, 16 GB memory, 512 GB SSD. Feels a lot faster than the the five year old VAIO that I bought in 2009.

By the way, what finally made me switch was not Lightroom or anything photo related. It was programming in Scala. IntelliJ IDEA plus Scala plus a few browser windows, that totally drove the old computer into overload and me nuts. I already had upgraded to 8 GB memory years ago and more was not possible. I suppose I could have just put a big SSD into the old one, and the paging would have been bearable, but then, the hardware was falling apart anyway and as I wrote then, “one day I’ll buy a Mac”. Well, that day was Monday :)

The Song of the Day is “Hither, This Way, This Way Bend” from Purcell’s “King Arthur”. Hear it on YouTube.

Oct 282014

Here’s some real street photography, as someone on Flickr commented :)

Taken near my office, just across the street. And if you’ve expected Meg and Jack White, well, you’re wrong, the Song of the Day is “White Stripes” by Instituto Mexicano del Sonido aka Mexican Institute of Sound. Hear it on YouTube.

Oct 272014

Autumn is a time for melancholy, especially when it’s foggy in the morning. As I’ve already said, there is no reason to complain about this October. It’s one of the most beautiful in recent years, as if the world would apologize for the ruined August :)

Still, there is a reason why “fall” is another word for this time of the year. Here are some fallen leaves to match the mood.

The Song of the Day is one more time the Rolling Stones song “Not Fade Away”. Hear it on YouTube.

Oct 262014

Today’s images were taken on the same day, both with the Olympus 17/1.8 and for some reason I’ve converted both to black and white.

The image to the right is the one Underground station that you see so often, mostly because after arriving in Vienna after midnight, it is the first place where I have to wait a few minutes.

The other image is the view up the facade of the office building where I work now.

The Song of the Day is “Aim High” by Paul Weller. Hear it on YouTube.

Oct 252014

Where these rocks are? No, not exactly on the moon, in fact they are at the base of the pillar shown in the last post, kind of a non-decorative decoration in a place where nobody sees it anyway. A filler for a gap in the architect’s dream? I don’t know, in any case I liked the light and thus I took the image.

“Moon Rocks” is a Song from the Talking Heads album “Speaking in Tongues”. Hear it on YouTube.

Oct 242014

We had some very warm and sunny autumn days here in Austria. After this cold and rainy August it was a welcome change. I know, bright sunlight is not what is usually considered the best weather for taking photographs, but it does warm the heart :)

The Song of the Day is “Pillars” by Pompeii. Hear it on YouTube.

Oct 222014

Although, they will! Everything does. And that brings me to this year’s winner of the Nobel prize for literature, to Patrick Modiano. I’ve read two of his books now, the German translations of “Dans le café de la jeunesse perdue” and “L’Horizon”. Both are relatively recent works from 2007 and 2010, both are very short and, although they tell different stories, they share very similar motives.

In both books we have a main character who is obviously an alter ego of the author, and in both the “story” circles around a young woman who the main narrator once knew. I say main narrator, because there’s more than one and in both books we also get part of the story from the woman’s perspective. In both books Modiano introduces circumstances, but not necessarily explains them in detail. It’s all very sketchy, and, just like in real life, we are sometimes left with questions without answers. At least in “L’Horizon” this can easily get outright annoying, at least when the author has managed to make you curious about the fates of his protagonists.

OK, so where’s the connection between those books, the image and a song by the Rolling Stones, you ask? Well, these books are about memories fading away, about how chance connects us with certain people and how by chance we part. They are about a certain randomness in how we live and whom we join and for how long we do that, and they are also about how much of that is not even our own choice. We fall together like these leaves and we are driven apart like leaves by the wind. These books are about our vain effort to tie it all together in memory, to not let it fade away. These books are about time.

I like them and I think you may do so as well.

Oct 212014

Villach is a small town and does not have much that could count as interesting modern architecture. This building, part of the recently rebuilt Congress House, is not much of an exception either, but at least the color helps :)

The Song of the Day is “Red House” by Mina Agossi. Hear it on YouTube.