Apr 202015

Even for April’s standards we had some pretty freaky weather situations here. Sunshine mixed with rain and two or three times hail per day. Here’s one of the better moments :)

Btw, this image is currently doing very well on Flickr. I wouldn’t mind if you gave it some additional love.

The Song of the Day is “Burning Sky” by The Jam. Hear it on YouTube.

Apr 182015

These houses may have been built in the fifties or sixties. I don’t know, in any case it’s been a long time since. Two apartments, door to door, each with a cellar, a first floor, maybe an attic and a small garden on each side.

Once this kind of architecture may have seemed cramped for someone from the country, but by today’s standards it is outright spacious. Nobody builds like that any more.

The Song of the Day is “Door To Door” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Hear it on YouTube.

Apr 132015

It’s pretty hard to get an image like this “right”. Were the colors more saturated? Sure. Did I try to bring that on screen? Oh yes! Did I fail? You bet :D

In the end I used a much cooler color temperature than I’d have expected, just to keep detail in the overwhelmimg yellow. Then I pushed saturation of the oranges and maybe pushed them a tad towards red. Is this “correct”? Hell no! Does it work? Yup! Hope so :)

The Song of the Day is again “Totem Pole” by Lee Morgan. Hear it on YouTube.