2352 - No Shit

Vienna really had a problem with canine feces. They were everywhere and dog owners seemingly had no qualms about it. A few years ago the city government began to put thousands of these signs all over Vienna, and they made sure that plastic bag dispensers were readily available on the streets.

I can remember how the newspapers made jokes about it and how everybody had a list of reasons why the campaign must fail, only it didn’t. Somehow both the pictures of the cute little dog and the availability of bags did the trick, and today you hardly step on brown, stinky matter in Vienna’s streets.

The second Image is a list of one dog’s achievements, posted on a garden door. It lists 13 mail men, seven burglars, 17 tires and eleven cats.

The Song of the Day is “No Shit” from the 1984 Brass Fantasy album “Avant Pop”. Sorry, I have not found a sound sample, but then, that’s Lester Bowie, what can possibly be wrong?