1266 - Something Magic

It’s funny. Yesterday was an incredibly beautiful day and I thought I had taken all sorts of good images, though when I came home and looked at them, there were only some very naive pictures of leaves coming out on the trees, blossoms and the blinding sun. Not a single good image, this street scene being the only thing even remotely usable.

There is really something magic in Spring. Experiencing such a day fills me with wild joy, and even though one would think the city can’t have changed, it has. Now my only job would be to actually capture this in an image 🙂

Fortunately I have an image left from Wednesday. It’s no replacement for the missing Spring image, but after I had posted “1265 – The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death”, I saw it, tried working on it, and the result pleased me enough to carry it over to this post.

The Song of the Day is “Something Magic” by Procol Harum, originally from the 1977 album of the same name. I have it on the 2009 live album “In Concert with The Danish National Concert Orchestra and Choir” that I bought some days ago from Amazon.de as digital downloads. Interestingly enough, Amazon.com has only the CD, not the MP3 files. Oh how I marvel at the intricacy of the international music business.

Here’s a video on YouTube. Enjoy!

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Thomas   (2010-04-04)

Love the lead photo! The yellow-blue split works greatly.Although it reminds me a bit on a German political party that I don't like that much... 😉

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andreas   (2010-04-04)

Yellow/blue? No idea. Help me along!

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andreas   (2010-04-05)

Oh, I see. I always thought they were yellow/black. Anyway. That's too much of a nice color combo to let it be occupied in my mind by the Masters of Opportunism 🙂

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