266 - Summertime

OK, today we are on the “too much material” side, but at least I don’t seem to be stuck in indecision. That’s what I call progress. On the other hand, it will undoubtedly get hard when it comes to the Song of the Day 🙂

I shot this image in mid-afternoon, returning home from Villach where I had spent most of the day, because I had been involved in a car accident. Nothing serious, I only stood at a crossing, the traffic light was red, third car in line, when BUMP!!! a woman decided to crash her Volkswagen Polo into my car. My car took the impulse, bumped into the car in front, and so it went like domino stones. Actually, when I think of it, the Image of the Day should really be one of our damaged car, though I guess this one is prettier 🙂

Hmm … in the course of the whole thing, when we all exchanged names, addresses and phone numbers, while fetching a business card from my bag, I even dropped a 77mm Hoya HMC Super Pro1 UV filter. Dammit!! And no shop in Carinthia seems to have them.

The choice for the Song of the Day is obvious, of course it’s “Summertime” from “Porgy and Bess”, but by whom?

Even in the third of my collection that I’ve ripped so far, I find 15 versions, from the well known and expected like Ella and Luis, Billie Holiday or Helen Merrill, to rather exotics like Peter Gabriel or Jerry Garcia (with David Grisman and Tony Rice on “The Pizza Tapes”).

I finally decided, that one can’t over-promote Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, so here they are again, originally on their debut album “The Hottest New Group in Jazz”, now re-released as 2-CD anthology. This is nothing short of breathtaking.

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Anna   (2007-07-07)

This is breathtaking...great shot!

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Chad Oneil   (2007-07-07)

Very beautiful.

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Anonymous   (2007-07-10)

Great shot, love the colors, very calming!



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Thomas   (2007-07-13)

Just plain and summer... Wonderful! Can I sit down for a moment?

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