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2035 – Words Can’t Describe

Yesterday evening we’ve got heavy thunderstorms, rain, and temperatures dropped by something between 10 and 15 degrees. No swimming today. Instead I spent most of the day converting the months February through April from iMatch to Lightroom. Here are some images that I couldn’t help but processing 🙂

Well, actually it’s not really converting what’s that much work, that’s just a matter of importing files into Lightroom. The problem is, that I have given up on keywording years ago, and that I want to have keywords in Lightroom. Thus I spent those hours keywording the images of four months.

Oh yes, I have a Flickr pro account now. From now on you can also see my images in my photostream, and you can also download original sizes there. Why that? Well, just because Lightroom makes it effortless.

The Song of the Day is “Words Can’t Describe” from Sarah Vaughn’s 1957 album “Swingin’ Easy”. Hear it on YouTube.