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2138 – I’m Not Like Everybody Else

Right? Wrong? Wrong!

I surely am. I see something that I like, I respond to it, in my case: I take a photo. Just like everybody else.

I am not everybody else though, I am I and only I. What I see may have been seen by everybody else (like this incredibly popular view on the church of Maria Wörth), but just as I don’t partake in everybody else’s riches, I don’t partake in their experiences. I must, may and can make my own.

Iconic? Kitsch? Maybe for some imagined collective consciousness that does not bother me the least. This image may be the hundred thousandth version out there, for me it’s the first. My version.

The Song of the Day is “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” by The Kinks. Hear it on YouTube.

178 – I Cover the Waterfront

Today I spent much time working on the images of the trip to Hochfeistritz (see yesterday’s “177 – The Virgin on a Spruce“), visiting my parents and finally the trip back to Vienna. When returning from my parents, I took a small detour to Klagenfurt’s shore of Wörthersee, went straight to the water and took this image of a reflection of the pier in front of the restaurant “Lido“. I took some more photos, but I already knew that this was it.

I Cover the Waterfront” is – surprise, surprise – the Song of the Day, a Jazz standard, and today we take Mary Coughlan’s version from her Billie Holiday tribute album. A slightly different but equally good version is on her 2001 album “Long Honeymoon“. I like both, but there is nothing by her that I don’t like 🙂

120 – Time to Say Good-Bye

I am not quitting. How could I? It’s simply that this image has something of going home. This is the combination of two exposures, one for the swans, one for the glow of the sky, minus two ducks that happened to be in awkward places.

I shot this on Klagenfurt’s promenade at the eastern shore of Wörthersee. It’s a nice place for sundown shots with reflections in the water, although it severely lacks foreground interest.

The Story of the Day is from the New York Times, reporting that emotions go high in Portugal about tomorrows referendum concerning abortion. It is very interesting and healthy to see what point of view the Roman Catholic Church takes in countries where they let them.