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286 – The Other Side

Sorry for the delay, it’s already very early Sunday morning, I’m back in Carinthia, Austria after nine hours driving, I have finished the new Harry Potter book, I’ll try to catch up now.

Thursday night we were at the festival and so this was the logical day to stay in Worms and visit the city itself.

In medieval time, well, actually up to the Nazi catastrophe, Worms was a pulsating center of Jewish life, and thus it has the oldest and one of the biggest surviving Jewish cemeteries. If you are there, don’t miss it. It is incredible in its tranquil beauty.

Apart from that, we saw a former monastery that is now the museum of Worms, and then of course the cathedral.

Sacred architecture, regardless of culture, always tries to transcend, to break on through to the other side, but this is not the reason for the title. This church has two choirs, one on the east side as usual, and one on the west side. This is the west choir.

In earlier times both choirs must have been similar, but of course today the east choir is mutilated by a baroque altar, so you don’t get a feeling for the original architecture of the 11th century. Therefore I chose the other side.

Can I resist? No, of course I can’t. The Song of the Day is “Break On Through (To The Other Side)” from The Doors’ 1967 debut album “The Doors“. These medieval churches really got high, baby, so high!

284 – Walking Alone

This is an image from yesterday. I’ve spent the whole day in bed, well, at least those times that I could stay off of the toilet. It must be something that I’ve eaten yesterday. I hate it, but don’t worry, it will go away.

This is Worms’ “Festplatz” or festival place. This is not where the festival, that I’m here for, takes place, it seems to be more of a circus ground or place for occasional Rock concerts. The funny thing is this fountain, that seems so completely out of place.

The Song of the Day is from Sophie B. Hawkins’ 2001 album “Timbre” and is called “I Walk Alone“.