Aug 032017

Yesterday my friend Ted Byrne, Artist and blogger from Lancaster, PA, was here in Vienna and I’ve shown him a few places. We’ve talked a lot about politics, art and of course photography. Black and white vs color was among our topics, and this is one more example for why I use B&W:

The image simply didn’t work in color. First there was not much color to begin with, and then I had to selectively push exposure and increase contrast, for instance to bring out the structure of the reflections on the lower side of the blades. That’s the kind of operation that ruins every color consistency and, frankly, it also raises noise. None of that is a problem in B&W.

Jul 282017

U-Bahn, S-Bahn and Ă–sterreichische Bundesbahnen, it’s all rail-based transport, it’s all public, but it’s public in different ways. The latter, the Austrian Federal Railways, are an all-Austrian thing, the U-Bahn, that’s Vienna’s Underground, and S-Bahn, that’s kind of a joint venture between the two. They all have their own signs, and in some places, where their stations overlap, we see all three signs on one post. And if the light is right, there is a nice balance between lit signs and background sky as a bonus đŸ™‚

Jul 222017

Here’s some morning light in Vienna. I love the colors, but …

… it turns out it also works pretty well in dramatic B&W. What do you prefer?

Actually this is one of the benefits of not blogging images the day they were taken or at least processed. I’ve created the B&W version just a few minute ago, half a year after the original. It was a sudden idea and I really like the result. Had I blogged it in November, I most likely would never have returned to that particular image.

3927 – Rings

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3927 – Rings
Jul 212017

This image does not exist. If you’ve seen it, try to burn it from your memory.

It was taken in Donauzentrum, one of the biggest shopping malls in Vienna. After I’ve taken this single image, I was approached by a more or less friendly security person and informed that taking images there is not allowed. No explanation was given, other than that I should contact a manager. I didn’t bother.

Well, I used to go there on occasion to take an image, and rarely did I leave without buying something. Never since.