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4055 – One Window

I did a lot of project management in the last years. Kind of. In reality it boils down to running errands and keeping everybody’s pipeline filled. Guess what? It’s no fun 🙂

Recently I’ve started writing programs again, this time using Ionic, a JavaScript framework on top of Angular and Cordova. One framework and your programs run on the web and also as apps on iOS and Android. Guess what? It’s much more fun 🙂

3648 – Convergence

This is a little bit odd and actually surprising. Exactly ten years ago I’ve posted “1 – After Grandma Has Gone“. Ten times 365 plus three days from leap years, in my book that makes 3653. Somewhere along the line we’ve lost five posts, have we?

Maybe not. I can’t be sure that I haven’t missed a post or two, although I deem it unlikely. Five posts? No way!

The most likely explanation is, that I’ve re-used the last number five times. It happens. I’ve caught myself doing it, and so far I have assumed that I’ve caught myself every single time that it happened. I may have been wrong.

Anyway. This blog is ten years old and I pretend it has been daily. I’m not going to look for the errors and renumber a few thousand posts 🙂

When I began, I found my numbering scheme a little pretentious, but I decided to do it anyway. I saw it as kind of motivational, and really, it was. Next target: 4000 in little less than a year.

3544 – Through the Wall

The “White Peacock” is the biggest public restaurant at the palace. It is in one of the side buildings.

It has a big terrace and it was a pleasure to eat there on a sunny, but not yet too hot day.

There are all sorts of ways between the buildings, some leading through doors in the walls between. The Image of the Day shows one such way. It exploits the symmetry of the decoration and the sensor’s pretty extensive DOF. The lens is the 60/2.8 macro at f8. I love the effect of the compression and how it makes the doorway look almost like a mural.

3521 – The Old Portal

Today this is the side entrance to the backyard of a kindergarten in Villach. The inscription above the portal is partially unreadable, but it begins with “ORATE ET VIGI”, obviously a variation of the more common “vigilate et orate”, “watch and pray”, from Matthew 26:41.

It could be the last surviving part of a former monastery, it could be an entrance to former gardens of the Franciscan monastery not far away. It could also have been torn out of context by a former proprietor of the building. I don’t find anything about it online. It looks genuinely old though.