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3863 – Fancy Stairs In A Fancy Garden

These are the last three images of Vrtba Garden.

It’s not exactly accessible for disabled or just elderly people, but that’s something I always wonder about – even today:

So many private homes are constructed without consideration for a future, when one might not be able to climb stairs any more.

But of course: stairs can be beautiful, and these certainly are.

3860 – A Fancy Garden I

Vtraba Garden is built into the steep side of a hill. Terraces are connected by stairs, and the whole ensemble is a microcosm of baroque taste.

There are few baroque gardens that I like. Most of them favor size and control of nature over actual beauty. Think of Versailles or Vienna’s Schönbrunn. This one’s the exception.

When you enter the garden, it is extremely steep and it looks very small. It’s a work of Art though. Each view is carefully designed, everything is controlled, but in a very playful way. When being in Prague, this is truely a place that must not be missed.