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2534 – Over The Hills And Far Away II

This is where Mario lives. Well, not exactly among the olive trees, but the terraced hills around his house are one big garden made up of olive trees. It’s a pretty delightful and peaceful place. I guess we can easily agree on that 😀

By the way, the Image of the Day makes for a pretty nice desktop wallpaper. I currently have it on two of my computers, and I can confirm that it works wonders on my mood 🙂

As always you can download the full size from Flickr.

The Song of the Day is “Over The Hills And Far Away” from the 1973 Led Zeppelin album “Houses Of The Holy”. Hear it on YouTube.

2533 – Joe’s Garage

Well, Mario’s actually 🙂

When we arrived at his home around noon the next day, first thing we did was sit down and ask ourselves why we’ve never met the past 23 years. I had brought along some prints as a present, thus photography and my blog were a topic, and while we talked, I always saw the pattern of light and shadows on the old corrugated metal door. After a while I couldn’t resist any more and took this image.

The Song of the Day is “Joe’s Garage“, the title song of one of Frank Zappa’s best albums. Hear it on YouTube.

2532 – Peace Behind The Bridge

I said Mario lives in Vinci, and although that’s technically correct in terms of postal addresses, he really lives in the hills above Vinci, and in order to reach him, you have to drive a steep, narrow, winding country road, but first you have to cross this bridge.

Tuscany is famous for its ancient bridges, and although this is not one of them, for a photographer like me it’s still a nice sight as far as bridges go.

The Song of the Day is “Peace Behind The Bridge” from the 2010 Carolina Chocolate Drops album “Genuine Negro Jig”. See a live performance on YouTube.