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3994 – Birds in a Frosty Sky

I took these images one morning in Klagenfurt while visiting my parents. The “birds” are stickers on a noise barrier in front of their house.

I remember how I showed the images to my father to cheer him up – and how I completely failed. At that time he had already fallen into depression. He couldn’t do what he wanted to do any more and, if I think of it, the glass wall must have felt like a prison wall to him.

It makes me sad.

3993 – A New Camera in an Old Church II

I have no idea why I used DxO to process this image. It certainly wouldn’t have been necessary. Fact is I did.

As to the camera: both images, yesterday’s and today’s, are extremely clean and have a lot of dynamic range. I think this camera has more dynamic range than any other Olympus camera and it is extremely sharp as well. 20 megapixels and no low-pass filter make for tremendous image quality. You have to be careful with moiré, but that’s normally a very local problem and easy to fix in post. At least I’ve never had an image that was ruined by unfixable moiré.

3992 – A New Camera in an Old Church I

Of course I wouldn’t have needed the OM-D E-M1 Mk II, but isn’t it fine to have both cameras with the same resolution?

At that time I had the intention to sell the E-M1 Mk I and the E-P5, but so far I still have both. Why? Well, the prices are ridiculously bad and I didn’t bother. Of course it’s stupid and I should sell them, because what good is it to have them in a closet?

Anyway. This is not the first image taken with the Mk II, but it’s one of the first and it’s the first worth publishing. More to come.

3958 – December Ice

Yes, we hardly had snow this winter, but that doesn’t mean we had no ice.

These three images were taken at the shore of river Gail, one of the two rivers joining in Villach. This is a part of the river bed that’s flooded rarely. Most of the year it’s either dry or stagnant, the water knee-deep at maximum. Last December it was frozen almost all the way down. The cracks in the ice are due to thousands of people strolling there on weekends, trying the ice.

Using an ultra-wide lens gives you plenty of options to play with lines and different dramatic compositions. We’ll come back to this place in a few days 🙂

3956 – Red Berries I

A winter without snow, a sunny day with blue sky, the sun already waning in early afternoon.

You feel like you’ve not taken an image in months (which is not true, but still …): what do you do?

I drove around randomly, worrying about the sun, and suddenly I found rows of trees with strangly red fruit, planted around one of Villach’s schools.

No leaves, only thousand of red berries. In size they almost approximated cherries, but they were densely clustered along the twigs. Some of them were already foulish brown, many were still in red splendor. Any idea what that is?

3833 – Got Apples

In fall 2008 we moved from “the country” to Villach. There we spent three years in one apartment until we finally moved to where we live now.

In a way I miss living in the country. I took many, many more images of trees, flowers and landscapes there. No wonder, but …

Today we have an exception. This tree is a hundred meters off the main road entering Villach from the south, maybe 150 meters further on is our apartment block. It’s near all shops, it’s only minutes to the next five supermarkets and so on, but it is almost as silent and rural as “in the country”.

Still, it makes a difference whether you only drive by those trees or if they grow in your garden. You give more attention to those in your garden 🙂

3814 – The Old Bus

A few times in my childhood I remember having used such a bus. Is that scary?

Well, my father is in a late phase of cancer. If you experience something like that, thoughts about age are not that uncommon, I guess. How about this one: I’ll be 70 in 17 years.

Today I am closer to being 70, than to the year I was finally getting my master’s degree – and I was late at that.

I am closer to being 80, than I am to the year when I started working as a programmer.

I am closer to being 100, than I am to the year when I started elementary school.

It’s very unlikely that my father gets 82. Practically no male in his family did. We like to think of 50 as “Half Time”, but but in reality that’s not even close for most of us.

Scary? Yes 🙂