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4024 – Pinky

Did I ever say I love the bokeh of this 75/1.8? Well, I guess I did a few times 😀

In the meantime a lot of things have happened. One thing is, that we had general elections. Didn’t turn out well. I may write a few words about it in another post.

The other thing is, that I had found the performance of my Google Nexus 9 tablet lacking, and so much so, that I had searched for a replacement for months.

It’s not so easy. Basically I want a vanilla or near-vanilla Android on a new tablet. This eliminates the Samsung S3, the seemingly best Android tablet in the market. Samsung loves to bundle lots of software that I don’t want or need, and they are bad at keeping their devices up to date. Additionally the S3 is a year old. I think it got Android 7 via an update, but if it’ll ever get Android 8, who knows.

There’s a relatively cheap Lenovo Tab4 10 Plus with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 (same as in my phone), 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of storage (same as my phone), but only 1920×1200 (hardly more than my phone). Performance-wise I’d have been happy with it and it will very likely get the update, but I really, really wanted something with higher pixel density.

It’s not a matter of price. I would have bought everything. It’s only that nobody cares to offer high-end Android tablets. Actually I would even buy a Microsoft Surface, were it not for the weight. When traveling, I always have my Macbook Pro with me. That’s what I use when I need a keyboard and a mouse. No tablet comes close and I don’t need a tablet as notebook replacement. I need it for reading in bed.

Last Saturday I snapped. I’ve got an iPad Pro 10.5 now, 256 GB of memory, tons of performance, the whole German Wikipedia (pictures included) on my tablet, along with all the 7122 images that I’ve processed during the last 11 years. And then I’ve got peace of mind 😀

4023 – Bubbly

After I had bought the OM-D E-M1 Mk II, I did what I always do when I have a new toy: I used it almost exclusively for quite some time. It took not very long though, and I began to miss the light weight and the small size of my PEN-F and the tiny primes.

Well, the 75/1.8 is maybe not that tiny and light, but for an equivalent focal length of 150 mm it is small and light enough. Now it’s October, and in the meantime I have arrived at a simple system. In general I use the PEN-F in Vienna, and in Carinthia and for major vacations I use the OM-D. Except for the exceptions, of course 🙂

4009 – Sit Down, Relax!

Do you remember images that you’ve taken? Normally I do, especially those that I’ve decided to post-process. Of course I remember this image as well. I remember the place, the time of day, everything, but it feels like it had been ages ago.

Munich is some time ago, but it definitely feels like “this year”. Even the ice images from January feel closer than this one. Why? I have no idea.

4008 – Newspapers for Free!

Vienna has two newspapers that are distributed at underground stations for free. They are also the worst kind of newspapers imaginable. Still, people read them and they even have political influence. It’s hard to understand, but it’s harder to argue with facts. Although, the whole concept of facts seems to be of diminishing importance today 🙂

3999 – Zig Zag

This is a cheap apartment building with a nice facade, especially in this late light. I’ve seen some apartment floor plans, and they are all the same and among the worst.

Basically you have a small balcony that is the width of the whole apartment. The balcony is on the short side of a long, narrow room with no other windows. Then, in the middle of the apartment there is a bathroom without windows at all, followed by another long room with its only windows on the far side. Basically the apartments are a series of stacked tubes. It does not help either, that the balconies face a loud and busy street. Horrible.