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1422 – Chasing The Light II

I hope you don’t mind that I stretch a short moment into two posts, but Sunday was photographically unproductive, and besides, I really like these two images.

Juha Haataja recently asked about how much we rely on all the dynamic range our cameras can capture, and the point he made is right, normally what we get suffices, but these two images show why dynamic range is still important.

The image captured by the camera contained all the dynamic range that was possibly there to capture. Of course the sun will always burn out, but everything else was pretty accurate, only the distribution was wrong. I needed +2 EV for the ground in order to make it look like what I saw, and into that image I blended the original exposure. I could have used some HDR tone mapper to do the job, but for this kind of image I prefer to do it myself. The automatic algorithms are great, but they never get the sun right ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway. Raising exposure by 2EV brought up some noise in the landscape, but not too bad. This is of course due to the camera’s great dynamic range, and I guess it is these times when I really need the 14 bit capture. Forget about doing that with a JPEG.

The Song of the Day is still “Chasing The Light” from the 1989 album “Leningrad Cowboys Go America”. Hear it on YouTube.

1356 โ€“ Green River

It’s Friday, the second of July, shortly before midnight. This is my fifth post today, I am catching up, being already at Wednesday, a day when I shot … nothing ๐Ÿ™‚

This is another image from Sunday, June 20, taken in Castagnelo. Here is the map, zoom all the way in and you can even see the church. Isn’t Google Maps amazing?

The Song of the Day is “Green River” from the 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival album of the same name. Hear it on YouTube.

1254 – Log Cabin Home In The Sky

Saturday was warm but hazy. We decided to make a trip up one of the more remote valleys in Carinthia, Lesachtal, a very rural part of the country, known for big amounts of snow.

I have no idea what this hut really is for, maybe it’s for storing dry hay, maybe for something completely different. It’s situated on the south-facing side of the valley, so even though it’s still deep winter on the other side, here it is already spring.

The Song of the Day is “Log Cabin Home In The Sky” from the 1968 Incredible String Band album “Wee Tam”. See Robin Williamson perform it live in 2009. Charming, even despite those squeaking children. Or maybe just because of them. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚