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3196 – Ferrara VI

I don’t know where the idea of colorful umbrellas floating above a main street originates. There are instances in Portugal and South Korea and maybe elsewhere. Fact is, Ferrara did it as well.

In Ferrara it is the Via Mazzini, leading from the Cattedrale to the east, into the former Ghetto. Here were two of the original three synagogues, and here is the Jewish museum. They are all closed, you guess it, because of the 2012 earthquake.

2869 – Seven Shades

Ok, it’s only one shade, a sunshade, but “Seven Shades” by The Babyshambles is still my Song of the Day. Hear it on YouTube.

By the way, do you remember my plan to create an application that would take my data from Last.fm and put it into my own database? My plan to make an Open Source application that would solve the problem of how to keep one’s own music “collection” without physical records or at least digital downloads?

It all came to nothing, I encountered some difficulties and inconsistencies in what Last.fm stores and how it is made available, spent lots of time learning a new technology that I finally decided to not use, and thus much time passed. It made me wiser, but it did not solve my problem.

And a problem it is. When I decided to tackle it, it was only an extrapolation, an expected problem, but now after more than half a year I do see how I’m beginning to lose the feeling for a “collection”, how I begin to forget what I once found to like greatly, in other words I see me consuming music in a much more linear fashion instead. I like something, I hear it for a few days, and then in all that mass of music I find something else, and in the end I may even forget about what I once called a “favorite” or “loved” on Last.fm.

Babyshambles are such a band. I have heard one or two albums once or twice, I liked them, but then I simply went on and forgot about them. It’s easy to see how it will be in a year or five.

This may not even be a real problem at all. Maybe it is just a different way to hear music, that is just as well as how I heard it before. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. I don’t know and I can’t tell. Time will tell, and just to avoid future regrets, I guess it would be nice to have some kind of database as a safety net ๐Ÿ™‚

2189 – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

The sun was only predicted for Thursday, but surprisingly it decided to stop by for a visit on Sunday.

It was cool but sunny and I used the afternoon for a short walk though Velden, a tourist village on the western end of Wรถrtersee, the largest lake in Carinthia.

I’ve found autumn colors and an odd over-sized umbrella on a cafรฉ’s empty sun terrace. It flapped in the wind and I asked myself what it would look like seen from below. Now we know ๐Ÿ™‚

I took a series of 52 images, and only a few of them were good enough. I didn’t, but with digital captures I would have had the option to look at the shots on the LCD. On film I either wouldn’t have tried taking the shot at all, or if so, I would have stopped very much earlier, maybe getting no usable shot at all.

I’m pretty shocked that the Beatles catalog is still only available on iTunes. Thus I can only link to the CD on Amazon, and that’s why I don’t like walled gardens.

Faintly reminds me of the new lakeside restaurant in Velden that, although part of the most luxurious hotel, had so far been open to the public. From now on they “embrace the resort idea” and are “exclusive for hotel guests and residence owners“. There is nothing legally wrong with that, but to me it has a bad smell.

Hear the Song of the Day on YouTube.

1736 – I Think It’s Going to Rain Today

I have quite some images taken from under an umbrella, so how’s about an image of an umbrella?

Actually this is really from yesterday morning and there was no doubt involved. It undeniably did rain, and the image was taken at the Underground platform while I waited for the train ๐Ÿ™‚

The Song of the Day is “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today” by Randy Newman. I have it on the 2003 album “The Randy Newman Songbook Vol. 1”. See a 1979 version with orchestra on YouTube. Good as it gets ๐Ÿ™‚

983 – Summer Turns To High

It’s the first day of summer. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be.

In reality it pours down like mad, it is relatively cool and the weather forecast mentions snow lines. They are in a very safe distance above us, but at this time of the year even the idea of snow is obscene ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway. It is as it is. The bicycle detail was shot in the morning. Uhhh … “shot” again? Oh well, maybe it’s OK to shoot bicycle details, as long as nobody else gets hurt ๐Ÿ™‚

The Image of the Day shows the impressive summer situation that I encountered when I left work early. For both images I used the Nikon 24/2.8, a lens that I selected because I knew I would not have to struggle with flares and ghosts anyway. It’s a very relaxing change from the Tokina 11-16/2.8, because again I can focus relatively near (still not as near as I like) and the focal length feels so incredibly natural.

Do you know that feeling, when you do something, that you used to do regularly and with pleasure, but have not done long since? That feeling of returning? Well, that’s how it felt ๐Ÿ™‚

The Song of the Day is “Summer Turns To High” from the 2001 R.E.M album “Reveal”. Sorry, no video, I can’t offer you more than Amazon’s sound sample.

888 – Cold & Wet II

Well, if 666 is the Number of the Beast, what may 888 be? Any idea? But whatever it is, 4554 is the Number of the Train, that’s for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

Yup! From southern sun back to northern cold. Ouch, that hurt! We even had snow in the morning, and actually quite much of it.

Photographically this wasn’t my best day either. In the morning I was in a hurry, in the evening my brain hurt from hunting other people’s bugs in a heap of highly toxic code. Oh well!

The Song of the Day is one more time “Cold & Wet” from Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s 2006 album “The Letting Go”. The last time I used it on an image of our poor little cat ๐Ÿ™‚

877 – In The Sky

What did I say? Color again! Well, both images of today are from the archives. It was a decently nice day today, but I have not been out photographing. Hmm … that somehow gets routine on Sundays ๐Ÿ™‚

The first image is from Friday morning and nothing special, just one of my umbrella images, because it rained like mad. I had composed with the handle of the umbrella going straight through the middle, because straight lines going through the center of a fisheye image stay straight. This is one of a series of five or six images that I made there, waiting for a satisfying constellation of people and/or trains and cars.

The B&W conversion is a mix of “High Contrast Red Filter” and “Maximum Black”, along with the familiar gradient and some dodging and burning. Again I have treated this image with Fisheye-Hemiโ„ข, and again the result is extremely satisfying.

In fact, that’s what I did most of the day: trying this new plugin on old fisheye images.

That’s really important. When you use such a beast, you have to get a feeling for what it does to your compositions, after all, you can’t see it through the viewfinder. Thus, to increase my hit rate, I have to get familiar with the mapping, have to acquire the ability to predict the final outcome.

Well, so far there is room for improvement. I can say though, that the mapping seems to be mostly just what I wish for. Kinda magic ๐Ÿ™‚ In any case I’ll go on like that for a few days, at least until I get the new Nikon 35/1.8.

Apropos get: when I was at the local electronics and media store yesterday, I saw a long-expected box tagged “LG Flatron W2452-TX”. This 24″ monitor is the new incarnation of the successful 2452-T, only this one is a wide-gamut monitor.

So far I have only “calibrated” it visually, using the supplied software and a couple of monitor test photos, but I am certainly impressed. Tomorrow or the day after, I’ll try to get the same monitor for Vienna. It has the ability to throw out almost obscene colors, it is evenly lit, has great contrast, and the stability against varying the viewing angle is much better than with the cheap Samsungs. For a price of โ‚ฌ260 it is a steal.

Oh, in all that chatter I completely forgot about the Image of the Day! This is an image of yesterday. I stood in the middle of a bridge and tried to capture as much of the sky as possible. Pretty nice clouds, huh?

If you have ever tried to take such an image with a fisheye, you know that the horizon at the lower end is invariably curled. In this case I have composited two versions of the same image, one with Fisheye-Hemi for the land and the clouds immediately above the mountains, one with the original fish for the clouds, because I really liked the curl at the top. I think that’s pretty neat. Best of both worlds. Of course you can’t do that all of the time. Normally you won’t find a smooth transition, but here there was just enough blank blue sky to make it work.

The Song of the Day is “In The Sky” from Mark Knopfler’s 2007 album “Kill to Get Crimson”. Nice song, nice album. Here’s a video.

864 – The Warm Room

Oh dear! Sunday night the train had arrived 45 minutes late, thus I missed the last Underground and had to take a taxi.

When I wrote yesterday’s entry, I already knew that Vienna had had a lot of snowfall over the weekend. What I didn’t know though, was that it had been followed by relatively warm rain. Thus in the middle of the night I was presented with enormous amounts of slush.

In the morning there was still some rain, though most of the slush was gone, probably more due to busy hands than due to the rain. For part of the afternoon we had heavy rain again, but thankfully it stopped, just as I left work.

The Image of the Day is a window of Palais Auersperg, a baroque palace that is now used for all kinds of events, balls and exhibitions, and part of it houses a safe rental service.

In a way the image is a lie like all images are lies. Would you have guessed that this window looks out onto one of the most busy streets in Vienna? Would you have associated traffic noise? Well, lets pretend it were not there. Let’s pretend we stood in a palace garden outside of this window, longing for the warmth of the room behind.

The Song of the Day is “In The Warm Room” from Kate Bush’s 1978 album “Lionheart”. Hear it on YouTube.

838 – A Walk In The Dark

Yesterday morning I rose very early and went to work through first drizzling rain and then some snowflakes, almost alone on the streets at the end of the night. After eleven hours of work I took a different way home, again in the dark and again in such fine weather ๐Ÿ™‚

The results were some quarter-decent images with a potential to raise them to maybe three quarters in Photoshop. I tried some of them and this is one that I like pretty well. The pose of the person could be more dynamic, on the other hand the odd silhouette with seemingly only one leg has something disturbing, so I won’t complain ๐Ÿ™‚

The Song of the Day? “A Walk In The Dark” is once more from David Byrne’s 1992 album “Uh-Oh”. See a video on YouTube.