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1113 – Two Of Us III

Interesting. This is the third time that I use this title (see “222 – Two Of Us” and “580 – Two of Us“), and it is the first time that it actually makes sense 🙂

We were in Udine today. Udine is just round the corner, one hour from Villach, the first city in Italy, with a population of about 100.000 it is slightly larger than Klagenfurt, almost twice as big as Villach. Udine is much more beautiful though. Udine is an Italian city.

Isn’t it strange, that this was my first photo trip to Udine? Many years ago, when Italian food was hard to come by or prohibitively expensive in Austria, we had bought olive oil and pasta here, but never had it occurred to us, to visit this city as tourists. Why? It is too near! 30 minutes longer and you are at the shores of the Adriatic, and the environment of Udine is really beautiful as well, whereas the outskirts of the city are the usual commerce and industry. And then there is the highway that makes you rush by, and then …

I don’t know. It’s pretty stupid to live near such a place and don’t spend time there. It’s inexcusable. Life is to short for such blunder.

Anyway. We have learned our lesson, we’ll be back more often.

The Song of the Day is once again “Two Of Us” from the 1970 Beatles album “Let It Be”. See the video on YouTube.