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3356 – The Weeping

Once, while São Vicente was still a monastery, this room was the refectory of the monks. Today (and in its current design since 1933) it is the Panteão da Dinastia de Bragança, a pantheon, which tells us something about the self-perception of kings 🙂

The most impressive thing in the room is the statue of a weeping woman, symbolizing the country in mourning for a murdered king and his son, both victims of the Regicice of 1908.

Now that I look at the images in Wikipedia, I recognize that my Image of the Day is far less original than I would have thought, but that is the problem with photographing in iconic places. Ask someone returning from Yellowstone 😀

In the end I don’t care. Had I looked into Wikipedia (or Google’s image search) before the visit, I could have concentrated on finding a truly unique view.

Who knows, maybe something like that really exists and it does not force you to climb the tombs (and consequently spend a night in jail, I guess). But even if, for a first visit I much prefer to come as a naive visitor, to see with the eyes of the uninitiated. In other words, to trade in the joy of surprise for a better image does not sound like a good deal. I’d rather come back another time.

3355 – A Palace for the Dead

Being an Archbishop in Lisbon would earn you a final rest in one of those boxes. Two rows of them in an otherwise empty room, that does not sound like a prospect to die for 🙂

Being the illegitimate son of a king and Portugal’s High Inquisitor you had better cards. This is the tomb of Dom José de Bragança, son of João V. Still, as we’ll see, in order to have someone to weep for you, you had to be a recognized member of the royal family.