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3076 – Old Town

Tarvisio or Tarvis, as it was once called, is a small town just across the border to Italy. Until the end of World War I it belonged to Austria. In my youth it was the place to go for cheap leather wares, bags, shoes and such exotic things as leather jackets.

Then Austria joined the EU and the Schengen agreement about a borderless European core. At about the same time the highway was completed, with a highway connection from northern Europe down to Italy’s heel. Only a fraction of the trains stopped now, none of them for any longer time, and trucks did not have to wait for up to days to get through customs. Tarvisio began to die.

Today it is mostly focused on winter sports. After all, it’s built into a very shadowy part of the valley and snow tends to stay for a long time. Still, much of the former grandeur is gone, much of the old town has become shabby. And beautifully so.

“Old Town” by The Corrs is the Song of the Day. Hear it on YouTube.

2877 – 100 Years Ago

Well, really I am not sure about how old this derelict hotel opposite the also derelict old train station of Tarvisio, Italy really is. !00 years are something like an educated guess. I grew up in a house that’s architecturally similar and that is about a hundred years old.

Anyway. The best times of this hotel are over. Since the highway to Italy was built, Tarvisio, the border town, has lost its importance, and even more so, now that Austria and Italy have completely open borders. The town is still important for winter sports, but that happens in another part and in newer hotels near the slopes.

The Song of the Day is “100 Years Ago” by the Rolling Stones. Hear it on YouTube.