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2822 – Viaggi e Miraggi XI

Still in Lugano, another image that made it into Explore. Red is always a good color for that 😀

The second image shows a bigger piece of this arcade ceiling in front of a fashion shop in Lugano.

We approach the end of our trip to the northern Italian great lakes, but so far the Song of the Day is still “Viaggi e Miraggi” by Francesco De Gregori. Hear it on YouTube.

2821 – Viaggi e Miraggi X

One day later we were back to Switzerland. Lugano on Lake Lugano is a banking center, an incredibly rich city, a beautiful city, bigger than Locarno and incredibly expensive. The lake is much smaller than Lago Maggiore and while it could as well be in Austria, the city could not.

Do you know the feeling of being in a place where you don’t belong? A place for people much, much wealthier than you? Well, Lugano is such a place. Armani, Versace, Vuitton, name an expensive label, they are all there with big, luxurious shops, interspersed with jewelers shops and banks. There’s nothing wrong with that, obviously there’s a market for it, but walking through such a city makes me tired. Normally when I walk through a city I look into the shop’s windows, and although I rarely buy things on vacation, there’s the feeling that I could.

Not so in Lugano. Here, almost everything is over-the-top expensive in a crazy way. I mean, I still could afford one piece or the other, but those things don’t talk to me. They are obviously meant for a different class of people. It’s not even that I am jealous. It does not interest me. I had a time in my life when I spent big on fashion, Versace ties and other things like that, but that time is long past. My last shopping spree was on lenses, and today I’m past even that. Mostly 😀

And that’s my problem with Lugano. It feels like visiting someone else’s luxurious home, the home of someone with a completely different taste and different interests. It’s a little bit boring.

What’s not boring at all is the parish church of Santa Maria degli Angioli in Lugano. It’s full of wonderful renaissance frescoes and this (admittedly distorted) view at the altar brought me another success in Flickr’s Explore. Oh dear, as I always say, it’s so easy to please with the wide-angle 😀

The Song of the Day did not change.

2818 – Give It To Me Straight

Always the same song? Doesn’t it get boring? Right, thought so 🙂

We’re in Switzerland now. The northern third of Lago Maggiore is in Switzerland, and the main city at the lake is Locarno.

Locarno is neither a very interesting nor a very beautiful city. Not that it’s ugly, but somehow it lacks something special.

But, wait a minute, there is something. The city itself is small with an old but unspectacular Visconti castle, some mediocre churches, but where the mountains rise, their sides are covered with luxurious residences. Everyone of these thousands of houses has an incredible look on the lake, because none of them has anything in front.

There is a pilgrim church high on the mountain. It was drizzling, thus I did not go in, but on the image to the left you see what it looks like. Once it stood along at that height, today this is the only view that mercifully hides the apartment buildings around it.

The Song of the Day is “Give It To Me Straight” by The Locarnos. Hear it on YouTube.