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2842 – Watching The Detectives

You know me, I’m strictly opposed to the prevailing totalitarian idea, that surveillance, if done thoroughly enough, will prevent all crimes and make people happy and safe. It doesn’t. It just makes controlling the masses easier, and in order to sell it to the electorate, our politicians always have to ramp up the hysteria about terrorists and child pornographers. Meanwhile, what really happens is, that all that data gets abused by bored officers and by the corporations that have collected it in the first place. End of rant 😛

Photographically this image is proof of how far we have come with Micro Four Thirds. The sky was bright, the camera was not lit from the underside, thus it was an extremely high-contrast situation. This is not HDR, it’s just a regular RAW file with plenty of dynamic range to take advantage of. You see me smile 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Watching The Detectives” by Elvis Costello. I’ve used it more than six years ago for another image title. Incredible how time goes by. Hear it on YouTube.