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3765 – Slightly Cool, Slightly Warm

HDR is an invention of the “Digital Age” of photography. It just wouldn’t have been possible with film.

These days I mostly shun the technique. Dynamic range has become pretty good, even on “inferior” small sensors like those of Micro Four Thirds cameras. Still, there are situations like this, I on top of a tower, taking images into the sunset, where HDR tremendously helps with shadow detail.

Once you have your bracketed exposures, guesswork begins. What is the correct white balance? There is no right or wrong here. In retrospect I prefer the warmer colors and lighter tonality of the image that ended up as Image of the Day, but that’s largely a matter of taste.

3488 – The Last Seconds

This image has been taken in the same spot as yesterday’s street light, just looking the other way a few seconds later. The building is on the square in front of a former railway station. It houses a post office that was much bigger once, and other than that there is not much. It’s a place that might have been lively in the past, but now just looks shabby. Golden light and an angle help a bit though 🙂

3259 – Last Rays At The Pizzeria

I have no idea what the “true color” of this wall is. This rendition at least feels like how it was to be there, shortly before sundown, with some extra hot chilies on my pizza.

By the way, I’ve seen three upgrades to Windows 10 in the meantime, two of them from Windows 7 I’ve done myself.

In the first case, a laptop, the upgrade went fine, but the new system was extremely unstable. It invariably froze within a few minutes or at maximum half an hour.

The culprit was ESET Internet Security 6, an old version, that on Windows 7 still got virus signature updates, but that told me itself, that I needed to upgrade to version 8, because version 6 was not supported on Windows 10.

It sounded plausible, after all, a virus shield and firewall is deeply integrated into the operating system. Indeed, an upgrade to ESET Internet Security 8 fixed all stability problems.

In the second case, the desktop in Villach, Windows 10 insisted on 1920×1080 being the highest supported resolution of my monitor. It didn’t allow me to choose the monitor’s native 2560×1440, a resolution that I had used under Windows 7 for a year.

In this case the fix was changing cables. The problem is, that I had always used the HDMI connector and that 2560×1440 at 60Hz is not supported over HDMI. You need Display Port (DP) for that. Windows 7 seemingly had preferred resolution over refresh rate, while Windows 10 insisted on 60Hz and instead dropped resolution.

Thankfully both graphics card and monitor have DP connectors, and I even had a spare DP cable at home.

Other than that, there were no problems at all.

Could the average user have fixed the problems? Likely not.

Would it have been harder on Linux? Maybe, but not by much, and in any case, if the average user can’t do it on Windows and needs an expert, it’s too hard. Any remaining difference is academic.

Would it have been easier on the Mac? Likely yes, but I’ve seen annoying problems on Macs as well. My current problem is, that the latest version of Firefox on the Mac can’t play videos. Older versions could. The same version on Windows and on Linux can, Safari on the Mac can do it as well. Firefox has the same plugins and settings on all systems, because they are automatically synced. I have no idea and Google finds nothing but a few threads from 2012 🙂

3236 – Online Shop

Things change. Here we have a brick’n’mortar shop advertising its own online shop on the fence of its parking area.

Actually there’s wide-spread resistance among people against online shops, and of course there is massive resistance against Amazon. I know quite a few people who never ever buy from Amazon, some who always look for local alternatives first, some who at least try to buy online but elsewhere.

I’m well aware of the problems that monopolies create and I am aware of the fact that Amazon, although not a monopoly technically, is damn near being one. The problem is, they are so incredibly good at what they do, and they have whatever I need. Maybe I shouldn’t buy there but I do. I even bought one or two lenses there, something that I normally avoid.

Our individual desires go far beyond our needs and they are unfortunately opposed to the needs of the collective. As a society we should either decouple income from work, at least to a degree that a decent living is provided for everyone (what is “decent”?), or we should make sure that everybody has work and sufficient income from that.

Of course that doesn’t happen. There are experiments with unconditional minimum income, but they are frowned upon (to say the least!) by those who work, and work is increasingly shifted offshore or automated.

It does not take a prophet to come up with the conclusion, that we are running into a problem.

2775 – Inside Out

Much better now. I just had a day of peaceful, undisturbed work – and all my itches are gone.

Here’s an image taken in a Pizzeria through a plastic window and into the setting sun.

And while we are at it, let me contrast this with another image taken through a window, this time from a train moving through the rain.

The Song of the Day is “Inside Out” by Imelda May. Hear it on YouTube.

2728 – Perfect World

In a perfect world we would know exactly if a color temperature is correct or not and actually the camera would be able to determine it accurately, thereby reducing the need to even worry about the concept. It turns out though, that correctness is a concept that does not even make sense in that context.

I can see the red of my windbreaker in the reflection. It looks perfectly correct and precisely saturated, but I am sure that the golden-yellow is much more colorful than what I have seen.

On the other hand, what I have seen was much brighter and the sun was blinding in a way that my and your poor screens can’t even begin to reproduce. Fortunately so, I might add.

Still, the feeling that I get when I look at this image is not very different from what I felt while being there. Correct? No, not at all. Satisfying? Yes, indeed!

The Song of the Day is “Perfect World” from “Little Creatures”, my all-time favorite Talking Heads album. Hear it on YouTube.

2709 – That Western Skyline

As promised here is one more image from the new skyline along old river Danube. Won’t look that impressive to most of you, but the tall building to the left is something like #8 in the list of the tallest buildings in Europe.

While I was there, a few minutes after I took this image, I saw two elderly gentlemen with heavy DSLRs on heavy tripods, L-brackets and spirit levels attached, and it really made me wonder 🙂

The Song of the Day is “That Western Skyline” from the Dawes album “North Hills”. Hear it on YouTube.

2619 – All This And Heaven Too

Coming out of the fog, standing up there in the snow, it feels like being in a different world, a world above the clouds, above misery and sorrow, a kind of heaven.

I had brought only one lens, again the 12-40/2.8, and you see from this and the last post, it works for landscapes and details just as well.

The Song of the Day is “All This And Heaven Too” from Florence + The Machine’s second album “Ceremonials”. Hear it on YouTube.

By the way, this is an album that I have long awaited and then just kept on my Amazon Shopping List for two years. Now I’ve bought it as a CD, along with a few other things on the list.

Why as a CD, you ask? Yes, why indeed? Have I not decided to stop buying plastic?

Fact is, it was cheaper. To be precise: CD plus MP3 downloads were cheaper than the MP3 downloads alone. Capitalism, my ass! Sometimes it defies all reason 😀