3601 – One Cool and Foggy Morning

 Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f/2.0  Comments Off on 3601 – One Cool and Foggy Morning
Aug 282016

I don’t do HDR very often. I used to do it in the past, but frequently it seems too much hassle. Dynamic range of digital cameras has become so good, that it rarely is necessary any more.

And there are exceptions 🙂

This image is one. No way I could have got both clean grass and that much detail in the sky in one exposure. I can’t remember whether I had to clone out a reflection of the sun in the lower right part, but I suspect I did …

… no, I’ve just looked up the original exposures, and there is really no trace of a reflection. Amazing how good those Olympus lenses are on Olympus bodies. I have no idea how well they do on Panasonic bodies, but I’ve always had trouble with extensive flares when using Panasonic lenses on Olympus bodies. Must be some incompatibility of sensor reflectivity and lens coating.

3255 – A Thousand Stars

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3255 – A Thousand Stars
Sep 162015

Put your wallet where your mouth is, so they say. Well, I did, and from now on 50 Euros a month go to Caritas Austria. It’s one of the most respectable and trusted organizations caring for refugees. Another good choice would have been the Red Cross. Both should be tax deductible wherever you read this. Both are international and you should go to their local website in your own country. If you like none of them, choose another. Just do it!

The amount of the donation is deliberately set a little on the high side. It’s considerably more than one percent of my net-income, more towards two, and it is regular. I’ll see how that feels over time.

A pack of cigarettes every three days? That’s what I’ve smoked for two months now. I want to stop anyway.

Seven months add up to one Mitakon Speedmaster 25mm f/0.95 lens. That’s what I’ve ordered two days ago and what should arrive sometime in October. I ordered it with a second thought, but just one.

Yesterday’s naive calculation was of course based on everyone giving the same 1% of net-income. That won’t happen. We have to account for the real poor, the greedy, the careless, the thoughtless and the nazis. The poor won’t be able to help (though they often do it in surprising ways and to unexpected degrees), to convince the others is our job now.

Go out and do it. It makes you feel good 🙂

Aug 202015

You can’t tell temperature from an image. My thought when I looked at this image was “looks damn cold”.

It wasn’t. It was an incredibly hot day, like so many days this summer. It’s by far the hottest summer in Vienna since records are kept, and that’s slightly longer than, for instance, the USA exist.

I was on my way to my favorite photo dealer, “Digitalstore” in Vienna’s 7th district. I had something on order and they had called me 🙂

2957 – Brilliant Adventure

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 2957 – Brilliant Adventure
Nov 222014

Winter often comes early in Carinthia. I had to wait for the tires of my car to be changed, and while I waited, I did what I always do when waiting: I took a few pictures.

Looks more like a wide-angle shot, right? Wrong. It’s the 75/1.8, stopped down to f10 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Brilliant Adventure” by David Bowie. Hear it on YouTube.

Nov 082014

It’s cold while I write this and colder when you finally read it (unless you’re a certain guy in Australia), but this was the end of one of the last warm days. I went down to Donaukanal, a channel once built to bring goods from river Danube into the city. This is a place where lots of people enjoy the sun during summer. Even in October you get a feeling for it, especially in this fading light, when people take in the last warmth of the sun.

“Warmth Of The Sun” by the Beach Boys is the Song of The Day. Hear it on YouTube.