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3604 – Overwhelmed by Nature

OK, back from yesterday’s pessimistic mood πŸ™‚

This is one of the trees that I see very often. Sometimes I see a scene like this, sometimes I don’t, and sometimes when I do, I lack a long enough lens. It’s 62 mm, almost the wide end on this cheap plastic zoom, but still, in order to get this frame, 45 mm would have been too wide, 75 mm (the other long prime that I frequently carry) would have been too tight. In this particular case the macro would have been perfect, but as I never carry more than one long lens, I wouldn’t have been able to make yesterday’s image.

Sometimes slow but light zooms are sweet πŸ™‚

3228 – Slash Across The Sky

You can’t tell temperature from an image. My thought when I looked at this image was “looks damn cold”.

It wasn’t. It was an incredibly hot day, like so many days this summer. It’s by far the hottest summer in Vienna since records are kept, and that’s slightly longer than, for instance, the USA exist.

I was on my way to my favorite photo dealer, “Digitalstore” in Vienna’s 7th district. I had something on order and they had called me πŸ™‚

3200 – Ferrara X

At the height of its power, Ferrara was extended to the north, with one main street leading straight from the Castello through the new district, all along to the northern gate, the Porta degli Angeli.

This is the Corso Ercole I d’Este, created between 1492 and 1510, named after the powerful Duke of Ferrara of that time.

As Ferrara lies in the plains near a river (the great river of northern Italy, river Po), most of the city is built with burnt bricks, and because this is a historic street, its surface is still cobbled. That’s not the most convenient surface for bicycle riders, therefore it is pretty common to see them on the sidewalks of this street.

Near the beginning of the street, still near the Castello, the center of the city’s power, the church of the mighty order of the Jesuits is situated.

Architecturally “Il GesΓΉ” in Ferrara is as boring as its namesake in Rome, but I had to check nevertheless. It’s the style of the time and the order, something I had never been able to warm up to.

The Image of the Day has been taken further out towards the wall, shortly after we had passed the Palazzo dei Diamanti, the subject of tomorrow’s post, and Parco Massari, a small but beautiful park, giving welcome shadow on a hot day.

3145 – Where Light And Color Meet

No, I didn’t color these lamps in Photoshop πŸ™‚

They are in front of a nice Chinese restaurant round the corner of where I live in Vienna. OK, some corners, but they have a beautiful garden to sit in and in late Spring it’s nice to sit there and enjoy the early evening and the spicy food.

The Song of the Day is “Where Light And Color Meet” by RyIm. Not my favorite music but I simply couldn’t resist the title. Hear it on YouTube.

2942 – The Way It Is

If you ask me why exactly I’ve taken this image and even devoted a post to it … I don’t know. Somehow it appeals to me. A neglected patch of land, waiting to finally be graced with an office building and – more important to the people living nearby – a supermarket. It’s been like that for three years and nobody knows when construction work will begin.

The Song of the Day is “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby. Hear it on YouTube.

2892 – Growing Egos

I’ve recently found that the best time for me to post images on Flickr is the evening. When an image gets lucky (such as the one in “2885 – Very Ape“) it gets near to ten faves that evening, and then only one or two in the morning suffice to push it into Explore. By the way, that part of a poster for “Planet of the Apes” is my most successful image on Flickr so far. I peaked at 26,707 views and 141 favorites that day. Why exactly this image? Who knows πŸ˜€

Today’s image is a total loser on Flickr. Some views, not a single favorite. I like it though, and what I like most, that’s the head of the street light peeking into the image from the lower left corner πŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is “Growing Egos” by Sasha. Hear it on YouTube.

2812 – Viaggi e Miraggi I

I’ve been back from Italy for a week, but only now I’ve finished tagging and processing my images. Some of them πŸ™‚

Today’s images are from the first day. We spent around six hours on the highway, driving from Villach via Udine, Venezia, Padova, Verona and Milano to the three great prealpine lakes of Italy, Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como and Lago di Lugano.

We stayed on the western shore of Lago Maggiore, the most western of the three lakes. The shore is already in Piemonte, the northern part reaches into Switzerland’s Canton Ticino.

The “traditional” place to stay would have been Stresa (Hemingway’s choice), but a few kilometers north is Verbania, and that has the big advantage to have a car ferry across the lake. That’s where we took residence.

The church image and the passage way are from the first evening in Verbania. That was the night when Italy won its first soccer game during the World Cup. I still hear the ecstasy of the fans πŸ™‚

The Image of the Day was taken the next day south of Laveno, on the other side of the lake, after our first trip with the ferry. We’ve had rain in the morning and the wet playground was where I began taking images.

The Song of the Day is and will be for the next few days “Viaggi e Miraggi” by Francesco De Gregori. Not only is this a great song, I also like the title, “Voyages and Mirages”. Somehow fitting πŸ˜€

Hear the Song on YouTube.