Jun 152016

It’s strange to see old images like this. At the moment I’m almost three months behind, so this is an image from mid-March. The advantage is, that I see those images much more often than in those years ago when I had taken, processed and blogged an image on the same day. Not only is it more relaxing, but it also gives me the opportunity to see images anew and sometimes revise my judgement.

This particular image had to be cropped. When I took it, I did not plan to include a person. The man just happened to walk into my composition. Cropping it gave the walker a more dynamic position, and in the end the result is much better than the original composition had been. I like it.

3523 – A Restaurant in Villach

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO  Comments Off on 3523 – A Restaurant in Villach
Jun 112016

Villach is a small town or, as I like to say, a right-sized town. There are no high-rise buildings, public transport lacks severely, but you don’t need it that much anyway.

Basically you can cross the town in an hour and a half by foot. I rarely do that, because the outskirts are much better suited to cars than to pedestrian, but from time to time I love to criss-cross the central part, strolling around, hunting for pictures. It has not the density of possible subjects that Vienna’s center has, but you just have to look for different things.

3456 – Altogether Now!

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f/2.8 Macro  Comments Off on 3456 – Altogether Now!
Apr 052016

Once, a long time ago, I was the King of Bikes. Where I lived, in the most progressive district near the center of Vienna, bicycles were ubiquitous. Now, living on the edge of town, that is long gone. It’s all cars, cars, cars.

This image was taken on an afternoon when I had a meeting in a department more or less where I once worked.

It’s interesting. As soon as I get there, as soon as I see the old environment, the old instincts are back in the minute. It’s really a different kind of attention to a different kind of things.

3349 – The Red Heart

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO  Comments Off on 3349 – The Red Heart
Dec 202015

It’s not so long that I’ve been there, but this is a classic case of that I only remember what I’ve photographed.

Looking at the image, I had no idea where exactly this place is. The striking fact was my point of view. I must have been on the level of the first floor, high above street level, and that while the small alley we are looking into leads upward! Strange, huh?

Fortunately I have another image taken 50 seconds later, and that’s of a place I know. This made finding the spot of the Image of the Day on Google Street View easy. Here we are: shooting from a raised position into an alley leading upwards 🙂