2970 – Street Lights II

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 2970 – Street Lights II
Dec 052014

This is an image that I could have taken dozens of times. Maybe it would have been with different colors at a different time of the year, but it could have worked anyway. I just didn’t see it though – up to now.

The Song of the Day is again “Street Lights” by Irma. Hear it on YouTube.

2969 – Street Lights I

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 2969 – Street Lights I
Dec 042014

As a photographer I love this time of the year. It’s because of the rapid rate of change and the way things look different every day.

I’ve taken a few images of this tree and the street light over the course of weeks, and this one I like most. Just enough leaves left, already on the brink of death though. Morbid? You bet!

The Song of the Day is “Street Lights” by Irma. Hear it on YouTube.

Mar 032014

More pictures from the past: a street light on a derelict supermarket. Yes, they flicker. Compose, shoot, dammit, light is dark, compose, shoot, light is on, dammit, composition is off, compose … repeat đŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is “Green Light” from the R. Kelly album “Write Me Back”. Hear it on YouTube.

2655 – You Can Leave Your Hat On

 Panasonic DMC-FZ150  Comments Off on 2655 – You Can Leave Your Hat On
Jan 232014

This image has been taken with a lowly Panasonic DMC-FZ150. It’s a modest camera by today’s standards. It pales against its successor, the Panasonic DMC-FZ200. Both cover an equivalent focal range of 25-600 mm, both start at f2.8 on the wide end, but the FZ200 maintains a constant aperture throughout its range.

Would this image have been any better if I had been able to leverage shallow DOF? I strongly doubt it đŸ˜€

The Song of the Day is “You Can Leave Your Hat On“, but neither Randy Newman’s original nor the frequently heard version by Joe Cocker. Today it’s Mary Coughlan on her 2002 album “Red Blues”. Hear it on YouTube.

2615 – All the Young Punks

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO  Comments Off on 2615 – All the Young Punks
Dec 142013

This street light in Vienna somehow reminds me of that lamp in the computer animation film “Luxo, Jr.“, that founded Pixar’s fame. I know, the association is far-fetched, but somehow that’s what associations are, right?

Now, with “Junior” in my head and searching for a title, I ended up with the Clash classic “All the Young Punks” from their 1978 album “Give ‘Em Enough Rope”. Hear it on YouTube.

Dec 012013

I’ve taken this image after the sun had vanished behind the mountains, and then, without thinking, I just went home.

Hmm … clear, cold day, these clouds, I mean, every idiot would have recognized that we were in for a spectacular sundown. And so it was. I arrived at home, was busy for a few minutes with one of the computers, and when I looked up, the sky was in flames like I’ve not yet seen this year.

You see, always running around with a camera is a good idea, but without using your brain it all comes to nothing. Oh well, sunsets are overrated anyway đŸ˜€

The Song of the Day is “New Star In The Sky” from the 1998 Air album “Moon Safari”. Hear it on YouTube.

Oct 212013

I have always described myself as an agnostic, but the longer I live, the more I see how religious fanaticism destroys peace, the more I see myself as an atheist. Imagine my surprise as I recently found myself with an intrinsically religious notion! It goes like this:

As far as we currently know, there must be millions or billions or trillions of inhabitable planets in the universe. I don’t know exact numbers and neither do those who know much better than I, but exact numbers are irrelevant here. Let’s say countless.

Some of those planets will not only be inhabitable, they will indeed be inhabited, some by life forms far more primitive than humans, but some by life forms far advanced. Everything we know about life and statistics points in that direction.

Yes, there is the Fermi Paradox (along with some solutions), but regardless of the fact that they seem to be silent, we can be pretty sure that they are out there. Of course we don’t know whether they’d regard us as peers or as food, but it is human nature to be curious.

Although our present understanding of physics does not give us any clear indication that interstellar travel is possible, science fiction has a lot of ideas. But then, what if there’s really no way to get off of our rock? What if we’re confined to our planet and so is everybody else to theirs? What if interstellar travel is really an impossibility?

Just think about it.


How does it feel?

Yup! I don’t like it. It makes me feel … cheated. Unfairly treated. And that troubles me.

Why? Because the notion of fairness necessarily requires someone who is or could be fair, and in the context of our question that could only be … God đŸ™‚

Well, you don’t see me converted, but it amuses me how much even I look for the comfort of meaning, so much so, that even though my mind denies the idea of “intelligent design”, my emotions seem to require it. Funny, huh?

The Song of the Day is of course “Imagine“. On Khaled’s album “Kenza” is one of the more unusual versions. Hear it on YouTube.

Oct 202013

Reminds me of “xeyes” (see first screenshot on this page), a program that showed off arbitrarily shaped windows on UNIX systems. It let you put two eyes like these on the screen. All they did was constantly looking into the direction of the mouse cursor. Well, it didn’t take modern operating systems to burn CPU cycles đŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is “Eyes Without A Face” by Paul Anka. Hear it on YouTube.

2546 – Underneath The Streetlight III

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 2546 – Underneath The Streetlight III
Oct 062013

The last time that I used this title was in “2177 – Underneath The Streetlight II“, and before that in “1224 – Underneath The Streetlight“. You may find similarities. Well, let’s call it a style đŸ˜€

The Song of the Day is “Underneath The Streetlight” from Joni Michell’s 1982 album “Wild Things Run Fast”. Hear it on YouTube.