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3757 – The Crowd

You may ask yourself, is this the right time to get an E-M1 MkII? Isn’t this a little bit late? Should I wait for the next model?

Well, no. If at all, it’s still a little bit early. Lightroom only has “preliminary support” for now. It looks good, but the usual Olympus color profiles like “Normal” and “Vivid” are not yet available. Neither is support in DxO. The latter is announced for February. In other words: no need to hurry 🙂

3755 – Inside of the Tower

If you think Orthanc, well, looks close, but you’re wrong. Rovinj it is 🙂

So, now that I have the E-M1 MkII, was it worth it?

Yes and no. Strictly speaking, frankly, no. There is nothing earth-shattering that the new camera can and the old couldn’t. If you’re happy wih the E-M1 and you consider upgrading, well, you might get an few new things to like, but you won’t get anything that opens up new horizons. It’s the same, already almost perfect camera with a bit of further perfection. You may like some of it, some of it may come unneeded, but then, if the standard is that high, I refuse to complain 🙂

I’ve tried continuous autofocus on cars and people on the street. It works, even impressively so, at least as well as on the Nikon D300 … and I don’t need it. I may not use it ever again 🙂

High-speed modes? That pre-event “Pro Capture Mode”? I didn’t try it and I probably never will.

The most important things for me are the 20 megapixels (finally the same resolution as on the PEN-F). the fact that I can configure the camera to leave “Magnify mode” (14 times magnification as focus aid) upon shutter half-press, The fact that I now can configure manual lenses to be recorded in EXIF, just as I can do it on the PEN-F, and the fact that I have one more fully programmable button. Yes, it does not sound like much, but those and the few other small improvements all add up. As regards myself, I call this a success.

Is this a recommendation? Let me put it this way: If you look for a new camera and the price does not hurt you, it is certainly one of the best cameras you can possibly get, regardless of price. If you’re already set for Micro Four Thirds and you are mostly a stills photographer, you can’t get anything better. Panasonic may beat it in the video game, but for stills the E-M1 MkII rules surpreme.

Well, actually, yes, it’s a recommendation 😀

3739 – Trying Not To Fall

Hmmm … 60mm lens, 120mm equivalent, this perspective, … actually I have no idea how I’ve taken this image. I must have held the camera high above my head, but could I possible have achieved that weird perspective? I didn’t levitate (I’d remember that), in that place there is no overlooking vantage point, and I didn’t use drones either 🙂

3555 – The Garden Stairs IV

In Lightroom I tag everything that’s destined to go on the blog with “manessinger.com”. I also have a “smart collection” listing all images tagged as such. This way it is easy to have an overview of what I’ve already processed.

In some cases I change my mind and don’t use the picture. Then I don’t remove the tag, I just add the picture to a collection “not used on blog”. In the past I sometimes went back to that collection in times of need, but today, due to not automatically discarding what I can’t use the day that I’ve shot it, I always have enough images processed in advance. At the moment 244 images wait in line – and I’m not even through with Provence 🙂

Yesterday I have added another smart collection in Lightroom. It shows images that end with “.jpg” (lower case, the JPGs from the camera use upper case) and that don’t have the tag “manessinger.com”. Basically these are processed images that I’ve not marked for usage. In a few cases this is intentional, in most cases I’ve simply forgot to tag them. Today’s image is one of the latter category, found just in time to be used in this series of stairs images 😀

3554 – The Garden Stairs III

Give nature a chance and see how it takes back even the largest wastes of stone. I shudder when I think of how expensive it must have been to maintain such a palace, especially when you don’t have the income from a stream of tourists paying entrance fees.

But then, today’s society is not any more equal. It’s just that we don’t as easily see the differences between rich and poor. Really, can you imagine what it means to own billions of dollars? Can you imagine how meaningless the whole concept of money becomes, once you have enough of it?

3553 – The Garden Stairs II

It was early in the year for a visist to this magnificent palace and its gardens. Some might say too early, because the garden was not in full bloom yet, but still I had to wait for each perspective to become clear of people.

In a way it’s funny when you think of it: those stairs were made to display the rich and the noble, parading like peacocks.