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4034 – A Sea Of Flowers In South Tyrol

Until the end of World War One, South Tyrol was a part of Austria, then it had to be ceded to Italy. Since then, the Austrian province of Tyrol consists of two disconnected parts, North Tyrol (or simply “Tyrol”) and East Tyrol, which is kind of an annex to Carinthia.

It’s a little bit far for a day trip, but this May we decided to take just that: a day trip to Brixen / Bressanone. We mostly wanted to see the famous cloister in Brixen’s cathedral. Other than that, well, we would see. If nothing else, there was always good food and classy wine.

4032 – A Sea Of Flowers II

Flowers! I mean, how on earth can you be original with that? Turns out I can’t, but a lot of people can. I’m pretty sure though, they’ve spent at least as much time taking pictures of flowers, as I’ve spent taking pictures of bicycles.

Speaking of bicycles: you know, I don’t see that many of them where I live and work now, and therefore they have practically vanished from my work. Maybe I should more often get into Vienna’s center again and – most importantly – take my time when I’m there.

At the moment I am looking through my old images. There are a little more than 7000 since 2006, that have been processed and mostly used on this blog. Since I bought the new iPad, I’ve put all of them on the tablet, and while I was at it, I’ve put them on the Mac and on my phone as well. Which means: I’ve started to browse them again.

I haven’t done that at any time. There were too many of them for my small devices. Now my phone has 64 GB, that’s enough for my images, the German Wikipedia (without pictures), plenty of Kindle books, all of my productivity apps, offline maps, and I still have 16 GB of free memory.

At the moment I have finished browsing through the images of 2006 through 2009. Lots of bicycles, lots of shallow DOF, lots of creativity. Hmm … compared to 2009, my current work looks pretty bland. And I guess that’s what it is. I think I should really put more time into photography again, do it more regularly again, daily even 🙂

4031 – A Sea Of Flowers I

More or less once a year I make a trip to Blumengärten (flower gardens) Hirschstätten.

“Trip” is actually too big a word for that. By foot I could get there from work in 20 minutes, and if I need to make haste, I can take a bus. Still, I don’t do it more often.

Sometimes though I have a strong desire for colors 🙂

4024 – Pinky

Did I ever say I love the bokeh of this 75/1.8? Well, I guess I did a few times 😀

In the meantime a lot of things have happened. One thing is, that we had general elections. Didn’t turn out well. I may write a few words about it in another post.

The other thing is, that I had found the performance of my Google Nexus 9 tablet lacking, and so much so, that I had searched for a replacement for months.

It’s not so easy. Basically I want a vanilla or near-vanilla Android on a new tablet. This eliminates the Samsung S3, the seemingly best Android tablet in the market. Samsung loves to bundle lots of software that I don’t want or need, and they are bad at keeping their devices up to date. Additionally the S3 is a year old. I think it got Android 7 via an update, but if it’ll ever get Android 8, who knows.

There’s a relatively cheap Lenovo Tab4 10 Plus with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 (same as in my phone), 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of storage (same as my phone), but only 1920×1200 (hardly more than my phone). Performance-wise I’d have been happy with it and it will very likely get the update, but I really, really wanted something with higher pixel density.

It’s not a matter of price. I would have bought everything. It’s only that nobody cares to offer high-end Android tablets. Actually I would even buy a Microsoft Surface, were it not for the weight. When traveling, I always have my Macbook Pro with me. That’s what I use when I need a keyboard and a mouse. No tablet comes close and I don’t need a tablet as notebook replacement. I need it for reading in bed.

Last Saturday I snapped. I’ve got an iPad Pro 10.5 now, 256 GB of memory, tons of performance, the whole German Wikipedia (pictures included) on my tablet, along with all the 7122 images that I’ve processed during the last 11 years. And then I’ve got peace of mind 😀

3605 – More Rural Beauty, Less Color

OK, back to Carinthia, back to the E-M1, back to the big, long and heavy lens. Well, at least for Micro Four Thirds that is.

Does it make a difference? Sure, it does. Here we have a dreamy, rural scene, shot wide open through a lot of foreground dandelions, augmented by a pseudo-infrared black and white conversion in Lightroom. You can’t do that with the cheap plastic lens at f5.6 or, as I mostly use it, at f8.

On the other hand, aside from the conversion, the use of foreground bokeh is an effect. I like it, but using it makes the image less dependent on composition. In a way it just looks good all of itself.

I wouldn’t call it a cheap effect (certainly not in a literal sense, when you consider the price of the lens), but when I think of it, working without it takes more creativity.

Well, look at yesterday’s streetlight overwhelmed by the tree. Positioning the light was a conscious decision. I put thought into it and I like the image, because there is much of myself in it.

You know that I have my problems with the concept of “style”, but as it is, you can’t escape developing something like that. Yesterday’s image has more of my style than today’s. Today we see just a technique that I employ a few times a year, when I feel like it or, like here, when the lens permits it.

Here’s the color version.