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433 – Out Of This World

The second day with the new Sigma 70/2.8 macro, and I still haven’t shot a single typical macro shot. Instead I use it as walk-around lens. It’s already late today, I have little more than three hours of sleep if I can keep this short, so let’s get on to some images of today.

This Tweety actually wears a Santa Claus cap, I should have included it, but I forgot. The figurine is part of a signal horn mounted on an old bicycle that is parked at the corner Albertgasse/Pfeilgasse most of the time.

The second image is an architecture shot of a passage way that I have shot more than once now. It is from only 4:20pm, but Auto ISO had already gone to 3200 to sustain 1/60s, and that’s at f2.8! OK, that’s for walking around with an un-stabilized telephoto lens 🙂 I really like the low-to-high perspective though.

The Image of the Day is another example for the abstracting power of this lens. It was again shot at f2.8 and shown part of a traffic sign, another round traffic sign in the background and some lights that I can’t identify. The red light could be from a semaphore, the others – I really don’t know, windows in a house front perhaps.

The Song of the Day is “Out Of This World” from Edwyn Collins’ 1994 album “Gorgeous George“.

354 – Don’t Even Think About It

There are those days! When I got home today, I found that my computer had crashed, and it would crash again upon reboot, each time right during the startup of Windows. Now the fun began. Well, only seven hours later I was back to a working system. Almost. None of my USB devices would be even recognized. Going to the device manager and uninstalling all USB controllers, followed by a search for new hardware finally did the trick. Sometimes I wonder how people without an engineering background are supposed to cope with that mess that Windows is. Pathetic!

Oh, talking of pathetic, I saw the new iMacs today. The big one with 24″ display is certainly nice and a bargain as well, but why on earth did they use these glaring displays??? They have nice contrast and the colors seem OK as well, as long as you see anything but reflections that is. From the specs I was very tempted to buy one, but this is simply ridiculous. Unusable, at least for any kind of image processing. Actually unusable for any kind of work at all.

OK, enough of my rants about computers.

This is an image that I’ve shot in at least 20 variations during the last three days. I was fascinated with this completely absurd heap of traffic signs, and I tried for a nice distribution of the four signs, without including too much clutter. Today I gave up. It is still not ideal, but this is what it is, more I can’t get out of it.

I used the Nikon 18-200 at 200mm and f8. Post-processing was done in Photoshop, and it included desaturating and darkening the background, saturating the signs, some cloning and heavy cropping.

The Song of the Day is “Don’t” by Elvis Presley. I’ve got it on the stupidly titled collection “ELV1S 30 #1 Hits“.

332 – Never Stop

Oh Dear! I had a placeholder here for much too long. This is one of the two images from Monday that I’ve uploaded to Smugmug, and Monday gave me really a hard time. There were four other images that I had considered, spent time with, and that I’ve finally set back because they did not turn out as I wanted them.

I shot this image early Monday evening, on my way home. It’s our version of a “Don’t Stop” sign, a temporary one because there is some kind of construction work going on, and the background is the same shop that gave us “158 – Things as They Really Are” back in March. Oh what a long time ago. This is the Nikon 50/1.8 at f1.8, mild post-processing in Capture NX and Photoshop.

The Song of the Day is from Echo & the Bunnymen’s classic 1985 album “Songs to Learn and Sing“. It’s called “Never Stop“.