2641 – Seein’ Red III

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Jan 092014

Even on a cloudy winter day there’s color to be found. You just have to look for it 😀

The Song of the Day is “Seein’ Red” by Edmond Hall. I’ve already used it in “924 – The Art Of Not Seein’ Red” and in “1496 – Seein’ Red“, but at least that’s long enough since, that you may have forgotten just as I did 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.

May 152012

Yesterday’s “Damage” image would have been perfect for B&W as well, but somehow I didn’t think of it. Today I did 🙂

Just a shrub growing in front of our office, but why never look, why always pass it by?

The Song of the Day is “Shades Of Grey” from the 1998 Billy Joel album “River Of Dreams”. Hear it on YouTube.