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3714 – A Shadow Freaking Out

This is the last image from Novo Mesto. If you’ve followed my recommendation yesterday and looked at the Google image search, you may ask yourself why I have not taken any images that are more “spectacular”.

Well, the problem is, the best look on Novo Mesto is from high above. The spectacular thing is, how this town is embraced by the river, but in order to see that, you’d have to fly. A drone would probably do the trick, but maybe it really needs and airplane. I had neither, therefore I saw it mostly as another small town with two churches, a river and a bridge. Nice, but ultimately not as outstanding as I had expected it to be.

3685 – Bird’s Wings

A new day, a new town. This is Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume. We are here for the church. There’s kind of a fair or a market in front and north of the church, where we would normally park our car. I’ve found a place behind the church though, and that’s where we are now, looking up at this bird soaring, and at the mighty shadow of its wing.

3456 – Altogether Now!

Once, a long time ago, I was the King of Bikes. Where I lived, in the most progressive district near the center of Vienna, bicycles were ubiquitous. Now, living on the edge of town, that is long gone. It’s all cars, cars, cars.

This image was taken on an afternoon when I had a meeting in a department more or less where I once worked.

It’s interesting. As soon as I get there, as soon as I see the old environment, the old instincts are back in the minute. It’s really a different kind of attention to a different kind of things.

3453 – The Shadow of a Sundial

Interesting. Quite a few of the last images were taken with the Olympus 60/2.8 macro lens. None of the images is a macro of course, but I really, really like this lens. I like the tight perspective and I like the light weight.

I tend to carry three lenses at any time. If I’m on vacation or in Carinthia and using the car, I frequently use the three pro lenses. To Vienna I normally travel lighter though. Something like 12-17-45 or 12-25-45 or even 12-25-75 are my go-to triples when I lust for primes. The 60/2.8 may at times take the part of the long lens in such a triple, but if I need it light and flexible, I may also couple it with the 9-18 and the 25/1.8. That’s how I travel today.

3419 – Firefighters Only

Today we are in Villach, the place where I live now in Carinthia. It’s only 35 km west of Klagenfurt, the town where I was born, but it has much better weather and less fog.

This is the wall of a local cinema with a sign that keeps us from parking across the firefighter’s entrance. I like the symmetry of the composition along with the asymmetry of the shadow pattern.

No idea what movie I saw 🙂

3418 – Patterns of Light and Shadow

Being in a mundane environment has many advantages as well. For instance you see what you see over and again in always different lighting situations.

Time of the day, angle of the sun, weather, seasons, really, don’t expect that you can always come back if you miss an image. It may take years until you see the same constellation again.

On the other hand, it may be worth trying, and still being there the next day at least gives you an option.