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2695 – Red Light – Green Light

This is a shop around the corner from where I live, in the same block where my office is. It was past midnight when, coming from Villach, I crossed the street and saw the extreme contrast between the corporate green of the supermarket chain and the red semaphore.

The Song of the Day is “Red Light – Green Light” from the Limp Bizkit album “Results May Vary”. A wise word: they do πŸ˜€

Not exactly my taste but hear the song on YouTube.

1487 – The Best Is Yet To Come

Today was another day where I rose very early, answered some comments (well, I know I am much too lazy at that, or rather, I am not lazy but much too short of time), and then I went to work, and even though I made it there earlier than usual, I was able to take enough time for photographing.

I used the manual focus 85/1.4 AI-S for a change, and although it is pretty challenging, it is also pretty satisfying when you get a shot. This was another image, that called for a frame.

The frame in this image is from onOne Software’s “PhotoFrame 4.5 Free Edition” plugin. Hey, I really like this approach, and I suppose that I will actually buy the commercial version. Why is this better than a time-limited trial version, you ask? Simple. It gives me more time to try it and see if I find it useful. I don’t use frames all the time, and the opportunity to test the plugin may not be there at all times. With this free version I can test as long as I want.

The Song of the Day is “The Best Is Yet To Come” from the Frank Sinatra collection “Duets 2”. The duet is with Jon Secada, by the way, and you can hear it on YouTube.

1474 – It’s Like Reaching For The Moon

I’m back in Vienna and here it is cold as well, but no snow has fallen yet.

But then, It’s not that bad. It’s just as time goes by. I could get mad about it, but then, weather won’t care a bit.

It’s late night now and I hear music, or better, I hear recommendations on Amazon.de. Funny, huh? I buy lots and lots of music, and that despite of my loathing for the music industry. But then, it’s the music that I like, not the industry.

As to the images, well, the flower is just a flower. It’s mind-boggling to think of how much the city of Vienna spends on flowers, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t want to miss the flowers in this city.

The other image, … I don’t exactly know what made me take it. It’s just some kind of well-balanced web of cables, and the red light maybe takes on an ominous meaning. The moon, uh … well, you know, I was actually walking and this image was taken in the middle of a busy street. The moon, it was not exactly where I wanted it to be. Initially πŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is “It’s Like Reaching For The Moon” by Billie Holiday. Hear it on YouTube.

1437 – Hope

Sometimes it’s hard for me to find a title for an image. This is such a case. This is not conceptual work. I just left the tramway and through the blinding light I saw people and shadows. No time to compose, no time to think, I just made a series of images. This was the first, and when I processed it, I was struck by the power of the sun and the red traffic light, standing like an idol straight in the middle of the frame.

What exactly is going on here? The red light seems to be in some kind of control, but the people don’t look scared, rather calm, not intimidated, rather confident. They also seem to look through the menace of the light, seem to look at the sun behind it, this original light, that it is so much stronger than everything built by men.

I finally settled with “Hope” from the 2000 Apocalyptica album “Cult”, and in a way all of these words somehow fit the image πŸ™‚

The album is not available for digital download, it’s not even in circulation in the US, but you can get it via the Amazon Marketplace. It is well worth the money. Hear the hymn on YouTube.