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3758 – Blossoms for a Lonely Scooter

There’s nothing new that I could tell you about the E-M1 MkII. I had it with me in Vienna, but I’ve hardly used it at all.

At the moment I’m on the train from Vienna to Carinthia. Tonight we had snow in Vienna, but it’s already thawing, contrary to the predictions.

In Carinthia, where we had day-highs of -7 degrees Celsius last weekend (and basically for two weeks), we seem to get +10 and more the next days. Warm and moist air from the Mediterranean, cold air from the north, wherever they meet there’ll be snow. I sincerely hope it’s north of the Alps 🙂

3284 – Most Likely A Girl’s

Can this be a boy’s Vespa? 40 Years ago it could have been. It wouldn’t have been likely, but today? Can’t imagine.

Do I like it? Yes. I don’t use scooters at all (at least I haven’t had one for 30 years), but if I were to buy a used one and if I had an offer for this specific Vespa, I’d buy and use it immediately. But then, I’m a relic from the last century 😀

2853 – Old Friends

This is a true oldtimer, a scooter made in Austria by Puch in Graz. Today the brand still exists and you can buy Puch bicycles, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class was sold under the name Puch G in some markets, and there is still a company under that name producing vehicles for the military. I’m pretty sure though, there are no scooters any more.

By the way, I’ve taken two images of this scooter, this one at f1.8 and another exposure at f5.6. Shallow DOF won. There was a tiny amount of purple fringing around the extreme out-of-focus highlights, but the soft bokeh in the background gave me much better separation. It’s kind of a portrait after all 😀

The Song of the Day is “Old Friends” by Hindi Zahra. Hear it on YouTube.

2375 – Sonnenbad

Thursday I was already in Carinthia, but let me still give you an image taken in Vienna. A scooter, taking a sun bath or, in German, Sonnenbad. And that’s also the title of the image and of the Song of the Day. “Sonnenbad” is from the new album “Falsche Nasen” by the German band “Was Wenns Regnet” (“What If It Rains?”).

It’s interesting, I’m back to buying music. I didn’t go so far yet as hearing it, but given some time, we may arrive there as well 🙂

The album is not available via Amazon.com (but of course at Amazon.de). YouTube has the video.

2345 – The Lifting

Tuesday I had a truck and three workers who helped me with the heavy lifting. Most of my belongings have been moved to the new apartment now, but unless the carpenter delivers my new kitchen, there is not much more that I can do.

Unfortunately the lift at the old place was too small for most of the furniture, and therefore the things had to be carried down from the fourth floor. It didn’t help either, that the lift at the new place was temporarily out of order. We had to carry everything up to the new apartment, again on the fourth floor. Bad luck, huh?

We finished in the early afternoon, and although I had originally intended to go back to the old apartment for some cleaning, I gave up and used the time to take some images.

The Song of the Day is “The Lifting” from the 2001 R.E.M. album “Reveal”. Hear it on YouTube.

2316 – It’s The Talk Of The Town

Thankfully there’s no need to fall back to Saturday’s pictures. I saw these guys talking today when I went to work. I didn’t want to disturb, so I have no idea what the buzz was about. It seems to have been important though 🙂

The Song of the Day is “It’s The Talk Of The Town” by Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz. Hear it on YouTube.

2288 – The World Tonight

Well, actually last night when I arrived in Vienna. We had a little bit of rain last night, but temperatures were hardly above freezing and there are still masses of snow.

Urban snow. It gets muddy in a few hours and everything looks a bit shabby, don’t you think 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The World Tonight” from Paul McCartney’s 1997 album “Flaming Pie”. Hear it on YouTube.