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3559 – A Golden Place

Allow me one last look into the orangerie. I promise it’s the last time, ok?

It is the one without plants in it, the one with the benches, the one used for events. The distortion of the glass, the rich, filtered light on the wood inside, all that makes this a magic golden place. Unfortunately one that we’re locked out of, but I suppose that’s part of the magic 🙂

3556 – The Lazy Lion

Do you use filters? I don’t. Of course I’ve done it in the past, and in the beginning I even used “protection filters” on all my lenses.

No more. I’ve spent a fortune on such protection, certainly more than the worth of a few lenses, and in the few cases a lens fell, normally I got away with scratches and maybe a damaged lens shade. One lens took some damage that made manual focus sound like the lens were broken (though AF still worked silently and flawlessly) and in one case the plastic lens barrel broke. None of this would have been prevented by a “protective filter”.

It’s different with polarizers and ND filters. I appreciate their value, I know when and how to use them – and I still don’t do it. Too much hassle. Take this image. I needed f2.8 (the widest my Olympus 60 mm macro goes) for some background blur, but on that bright day I was already at 1/8000 s and ISO 160. I was lucky. A little more light and I would have needed an ND filter or a polarizer. I think I don’t have one for the 60/2.8, and if I had had one, I most likely wouldn’t have had it with me on that day trip.

3555 – The Garden Stairs IV

In Lightroom I tag everything that’s destined to go on the blog with “manessinger.com”. I also have a “smart collection” listing all images tagged as such. This way it is easy to have an overview of what I’ve already processed.

In some cases I change my mind and don’t use the picture. Then I don’t remove the tag, I just add the picture to a collection “not used on blog”. In the past I sometimes went back to that collection in times of need, but today, due to not automatically discarding what I can’t use the day that I’ve shot it, I always have enough images processed in advance. At the moment 244 images wait in line – and I’m not even through with Provence 🙂

Yesterday I have added another smart collection in Lightroom. It shows images that end with “.jpg” (lower case, the JPGs from the camera use upper case) and that don’t have the tag “manessinger.com”. Basically these are processed images that I’ve not marked for usage. In a few cases this is intentional, in most cases I’ve simply forgot to tag them. Today’s image is one of the latter category, found just in time to be used in this series of stairs images 😀

3554 – The Garden Stairs III

Give nature a chance and see how it takes back even the largest wastes of stone. I shudder when I think of how expensive it must have been to maintain such a palace, especially when you don’t have the income from a stream of tourists paying entrance fees.

But then, today’s society is not any more equal. It’s just that we don’t as easily see the differences between rich and poor. Really, can you imagine what it means to own billions of dollars? Can you imagine how meaningless the whole concept of money becomes, once you have enough of it?

3553 – The Garden Stairs II

It was early in the year for a visist to this magnificent palace and its gardens. Some might say too early, because the garden was not in full bloom yet, but still I had to wait for each perspective to become clear of people.

In a way it’s funny when you think of it: those stairs were made to display the rich and the noble, parading like peacocks.

3551 – Through the Castle

You have to admit, the old people definitely had some sense for grandeur. It’s when you look at the details, you see things that you wouldn’t expect.

Take this long view all through the palace: If you’d plan something overly expensive like this, wouldn’t you make sure everything lines up perfectly? I certainly would, but obviously it was no criterion here. The two gates are not exactly opposite, the fountain in the background is slightly off-axis, and so are the pillars of the garden gate behind.

Sloppiness? Chance? A sense of aesthetics lost to us? I don’t know. Do you?