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4123 – Miramare Seen from Montegrisa

This is Miramare, the castle built for the Emperor’s (Franz Joseph, the old Emperor) brother, the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian. Nice place to stay, huh?

What did the idiot? He accepted Napoleon III’s offer to make him Emperor of Mexico! Of course things went bad, Napoleon deserted him and he was executed by the Mexican government in 1867. His wife got away but fell insane. Speak of wasted opportunities.

4122 – Santuario di Montegrisa II

Well, this is it: The Santuario from outside. There is considerable distortion, because I had to go to 7mm.

In reality, and that’s what you can’t see here, the building is symmetrical. A triangle, cut at the top, in front of it another, smaller triangle, also cut at the top. Everything consisting of triangles. Nothing but triangles all over.

4121 – The Gulf of Trieste

Would be pretty foolish to be in such a place and not to make a panorama, right?

Stitching in Lightroom left me a big hole in the lower right corner. I took care of it in Photoshop. I didn’t try to hide the problem altogether (using gradients and overlaying textures would have been possible), I just wanted to get rid of the distraction. You can download the whole 16979×5632 image from Flickr, if you want to see all the details. I admit this blog is not a good context for big panoramas 😀

4119 – The Triangles of Montegrisa III

F8, 1/15s, ISO 200, thr range as dynamic as it gets and … this camera is good enough. If there had been a basketball game going on under these conditions, I’d very likely sing a different tune, but as it is – and as what I take pictures of – the OM-D E-M1 Mk II is a perfect camera.

What if I’d frequently went to basketball games? Well, I’d buy a second camera with one long zoom. Nothing else.