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2819 – Viaggi e Miraggi VIII

After the bad weather in Locarno, the forecast got only worse. The next day was expected to be rainy and cool, but only at the feet on the alps, only along the lakes.

We decided to evade the bad weather and just drive a short way south-west into Piemonte. Our first target was San Nazzaro Sesia, a small village west of Novara, west of Milano. When we were in Piemonte ten years ago, we had intended to visit the monastery but never did.

Unfortunately the cloister was closed for renovation. I could make a few images through the fence, but of course I had not much choice regarding point of view. I spare you the images. They serve their documentary purpose but not more.

The church was not closed. It turned out to be rather small, and for a change it was not a baroque heap of gold, but instead a terracotta-colored piece of restrained gothic, nicely and tastefully painted, breathing silence and a warm light. Beautiful indeed.

We’re back in Italy and back is also the Song of the Day 😀