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2536 – With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming

Right now I’m sitting on the train back to Vienna, preparing another bunch of blog posts to be published during the next week, and while I think about this particular image, I contemplate my way of seeing and of taking photographs.

Well, you know, I don’t do this to make a living. I may consider much of what I do as art, but it is not recognized in the Art world. Nobody knows me but a few friends who visit my blog more or less regularly.

And that’s OK.

I do this for me. Seeing, dreaming, creating, that has always been a part of me. For a long time I didn’t understand what this means, and often I found myself in turmoil, being torn between my two vocations, engineering and art. Not so any more. Now I know that this process of letting go of my daily troubles, of immersing myself in pure images, of dreaming myself into a completely different world, that this process is what keeps my mind sane. Well, at least I hope so 😀

Today’s image, taken in San Miniato, was pretty daunting. I was fascinated by the dreamy pattern of dappled light, but somehow it didn’t come across. In such a case there is normally the point when I try a conversion to black and white. Usually I do it manually, but this time the Lightroom preset “Infrared” did exactly what I was after.

The Song of the Day is “With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming” from Natalie Cole’s 1999 album “Snowfall On The Sahara”. Hear it on YouTube.

2535 – Have A Talk With God

This is a confessional in the cathedral of San Miniato, a town in the hills west of Vinci. It struck me as a place of power and dominance. Certainly there is nothing humble to it 🙂

The cathedral of San Miniato and the medieval tower erected for Emperor Frederic II in the 13th century were both blown up by retreating Nazi forces in 1944, a hideous war crime, especially because the cathedral was full of people seeking refuge. Interestingly enough neither the German nor the English Wikipedia pages mention the event, usually referred to as “La strage del Duomo di San Miniato“.

The tower of Frederic was reconstructed in 1958, and from there I have taken the image to the right.

The image on the left side was taken from the platform at the foot of the tower.

The final image is of a small and lovely elegant church in baroque style, the Chiesa del Santissimo Crocifisso. There was a wedding in progress and we only saw it from the outside. Maybe next time. I’m sure I won’t take another 23 years until Mario and I meet again 🙂

The Somg of the Day is “Have A Talk With God” from Stevie Wonder’s 1976 album “Songs In The Key Of Life”, maybe his best album ever. Hear it on YouTube.