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3605 – More Rural Beauty, Less Color

OK, back to Carinthia, back to the E-M1, back to the big, long and heavy lens. Well, at least for Micro Four Thirds that is.

Does it make a difference? Sure, it does. Here we have a dreamy, rural scene, shot wide open through a lot of foreground dandelions, augmented by a pseudo-infrared black and white conversion in Lightroom. You can’t do that with the cheap plastic lens at f5.6 or, as I mostly use it, at f8.

On the other hand, aside from the conversion, the use of foreground bokeh is an effect. I like it, but using it makes the image less dependent on composition. In a way it just looks good all of itself.

I wouldn’t call it a cheap effect (certainly not in a literal sense, when you consider the price of the lens), but when I think of it, working without it takes more creativity.

Well, look at yesterday’s streetlight overwhelmed by the tree. Positioning the light was a conscious decision. I put thought into it and I like the image, because there is much of myself in it.

You know that I have my problems with the concept of “style”, but as it is, you can’t escape developing something like that. Yesterday’s image has more of my style than today’s. Today we see just a technique that I employ a few times a year, when I feel like it or, like here, when the lens permits it.

Here’s the color version.

3587 – Rural Beauty

A spring meadow with flowers and blossoming trees, the shot taken low and with blurred flowers in the lower foreground, well, that’s kind of a classic. You could also say that it’s a cliché, but I don’t care and allow myself the luxury of a few such images per year 🙂

Looks nice, huh? Incredibly rural, far from the madding crowd?

Nope, it’s halfway between a busy street, leading into Villach from the south, and our apartment complex, basically a hundred meters in each direction. I love living in a small town 😀

3514 – Sidelight

The Freedom Party scrupulously planted unfunded rumors, and despite all the smut everything went correctly. That’s how I’ve explained, that’s what I believe and that’s what I can back with some experience and insight.

A lot of my compatriots don’t do so. I can’t tell you any percentages, but you feel it in the commenting sections of the newspapers. 10% of the electorate may be convinced of having been cheated, but the percentage may be much higher. It may even go up to 30%.

It is a matter of trust. It’s how people present the bill for decades of democratic abuse. And why not? In the wake of Snowdon’s revelations, is there any crime against the democratic spirit that you can rule out with confidence? For any government?

And while I think about all that, I also think about the primaries for the presidential elections in the US. Major irregularities in Nevada. The DNC calling it quits before California has even be asked. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton trying all the dirty tricks to cheat Bernie Sanders, the only one who will without a doubt stop Donald Trump.

At least that’s what I read on the Internet. What do I know? Do I know at least as much as Hofer’s frustrated fans know about our own election? I doubt it.

We all live in a filter bubble. When I say “The Internet“, I should instead say “The part of the Internet that I have chosen to recognize“.

Any first-hand information from the US? Is Bernie cheated? Is it just the same rumor mongering that our Freedom Party practices?