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3306 – 260 Years After The Quake II

Remember the Elevador de Santa Justa, that giant elevator from the Baixa up to Bairro Alto, that I decided not to ride up because of the queue of tourists? Well, for the Image of the Day I am standing atop. I just went the bridge from the convento to the top of the tower and then a few steps up to the platform.

The second image is again from inside of the ruins of the church. I can’t remember where I’ve read it, maybe in some travel guide, but the church is said to have collapsed during a well attended mass. The the vault was made of stones, so you can imagine that nobody within survived.

3303 – 260 Years After The Quake I

As I’ve already mentioned, in 1755 a catastrophic earthquake shattered Lisbon. The church of the Carmo Convent, the Igreja do Carmo, at that time the biggest church in Lisbon, collapsed, and while other buildings were re-erected in the following decades, or, where the devastation was total like in the Baixa, whole districts were built new from scratch, this church on the hill was left in ruins.

To the present day it is a monument for the victims of the quake.

The only part that did not cave in was the choir. Today it houses the Museu Arqueológico do Carmo. That’s where we’ll go tomorrow.