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3685 – Bird’s Wings

A new day, a new town. This is Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume. We are here for the church. There’s kind of a fair or a market in front and north of the church, where we would normally park our car. I’ve found a place behind the church though, and that’s where we are now, looking up at this bird soaring, and at the mighty shadow of its wing.

3197 – Ferrara VII

Times change and technologies go, but there’s hardly anything that doesn’t leave a crust on our world.

Terrestric television is mostly gone, but we can still see billions of antennae above the roofs of our cities. They are useless now, but they are mounted in unapproachable places, therefore nobody removes them.

Satellite dishes are a similar technology. Like mushrooms they overgrow our roofs and balconies. That all will eventually be replaced by ubiquitous glass fiber, but I bet the dishes won’t vanish, just like the antennae never did.

2133 – Lonesome Cities

Why this title? Really, I don’t know. It’s just an association that I had.

I had already seen this particular configuration of chimneys last week, and when I saw it again Monday morning and when I still had some minutes to spare, I mounted the Olympus 40-150 and snapped a series.

The Song of the Day is “Lonesome Cities” from Nina Simone’s 1993 last studio album “A Single Woman”. Hear it on YouTube.

1756 – Lonely At The Top

This is the roof of a shopping center in Vienna where I spent some minutes on Wednesday, waiting for the latest Harry Potter to begin. In general I am suspicious when it comes to movies after books. Take the “Lord of the Rings” for example. Ralph Bakshi’s animation movie was really good, but of course it covered only about half of the first book. The recent LotR trilogy was a mixed bag. I hated the first part for its completely wrong tempo (you simply can’t get to Weathertop in 20 minutes, that doesn’t feel right), loved part two (time runs fast, but so does it in the book) and part three, well, it felt too much like Hollywood.

“Doctor Zhivago” is fine. By necessity it moves faster than the book, but then, it still gives you much time to feel the story.

“Harry Potter” is different. It’s a cult. You can’t change anything without risking riots. The characters are excellent, the setting is excellent, the mood is excellent, but you can completely forget seeing the movies if you haven’t read the books. I have, but of course some time has passed since, and I have to admit that, although I generally had no problem following the intricacies of the plot, I can sympathize with those who have not read the book at all. They simply don’t have a chance. Think of the Harry Potter movies as an illustration of the books. They do an excellent job showing how things look, but they can’t stand for themselves. They were not meant to.

The Song of the Day is “Lonely At The Top” by Randy Newman. I have both versions, the original from the 1972 album “Sail Away” and that on the 2003 “Songbook, Volume I”. YouTube has a third version, recorded in 1979 with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Enjoy.