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3141 – Rock And A Hard Place

This is a big chunk of rock, worked upon with some crude machinery, turned into a piece of Art, placed in front of the school where I shot yesterday’s blossoms. Whether the color was part of the artist’s original concept or has been applied later, I don’ know it. It does not look out of place though.

Processing pictures always involves choices. In this case I had a rock lit from the left, the left face consequently much lighter than the right side. This gave me leeway to considerably tone it down and add local contrast. I’ve also partially vignetted the image on the left side, and by doing all this, I kind of flattened the image. It’s not what I saw, it’s something else. That I did what I did was in no way unavoidable and I am not even sure that it was the right choice for this image. It’s always moods and choices. Random if you want.

The Song of the Day is “Rock And A Hard Place” by the Rolling Stones. Hear it on YouTube.

2929 – Moon Rocks

Where these rocks are? No, not exactly on the moon, in fact they are at the base of the pillar shown in the last post, kind of a non-decorative decoration in a place where nobody sees it anyway. A filler for a gap in the architect’s dream? I don’t know, in any case I liked the light and thus I took the image.

“Moon Rocks” is a Song from the Talking Heads album “Speaking in Tongues”. Hear it on YouTube.

2703 – Old Stone

Times change and so do my problems. Can you remember my laments about always having to re-use songs? Well, since I am on Spotify, I don’t have that problem any more. My new problem is, that I find new and interesting music at a faster rate than I can hear it 😀

Therefore, instead of searching for something new, I just hear more of Laura Marling’s album “Alas I Cannot Swim”. Today it is “Old Stone“. Enjoy it on YouTube.