Mar 102015

A few days ago I had a short “zoom phase” and this image has also been taken with the tiny Panasonic 12-35. It’s actually a pretty fine lens and although f3.5 at the wide end is rather slow, the E-M1 and its stabilization can even handle low light images such as this one. Handheld on a rainy night at ISO 1600 and 1/5s.

The Song of the Day is Tom Waits’ “Little Drop Of Poison” in Rebekka Bakken’s rather interesting rendition. Hear at least part of it on YouTube.

Sep 102014

People around here generally agree that this was one lousy summer. I won’t complain though and the rain can’t keep me from making images. Here is one taken from the train :)

The Song of the Day is “Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain” by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. If they somehow flew under your radar so far, you may at least remember them from Paul Simon’s masterful album “Graceland”. Hear it on YouTube.

Aug 072014

Well, this is probably not that much of an image, but in a way I like it. It’s a fly screen soaked by rain. Yes, this lens has shallow depth of field and, yes, this lens is sharp. There was the inevitable trace of purple fringing, but of course Lightroom got completely rid of it. I probably should point you to the full size on Flickr, but I don’t have it up yet. It will be on Flickr by the time you read it though. If you want to see the full size without moiré, check out my photostream.

The Song of the Day is “Every Drop of Rain” from “Here Lies Love“, a “theatrical experience” by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim. Hear it on YouTube.

Aug 022014

A few days ago I wanted to go swimming in Vienna, but when I arrived in my favorite bath, Gänsehäufel, an island in a backwater of river Danube, rain was imminent.

And so it fell. The island Gänsehäufel is basically a big park full of cottonwood trees and I can remember at least one incident during the last years, when smeone came to death during a thunderstorm, slain by a falling branch.

On the other hand, it decidedly looked like a storm passing to the north, and therefore I waited in a restaurant, along with some parents who had failed to leave with their children in time.

In the end I got what I had come for. Rain subsided, I swam for a few minutes and the day was a full success :)

The Song of the day, “A Little Rain” from Tom Waits’ album “Bone Machine” has already been used in “1098 – A Little Rain“, but that’s been almost five years ago. I guess it is OK to re-use it today :)

Hear it on YouTube.

May 182014

This image has been taken more than an hour before sunset. EXIF data says two hours, but that’s only because like every year I forgot to change the camera to daylight saving time. I wonder how long it will take the camera industry to figure out that a camera today is actually a computer and that computers adapt to time switches automatically. Oh well!

I took the image while waiting for the train to Vienna. It had been pouring like mad an hour before and it was still raining. Lights were low and this is a situation where I immediately feel the drawback of the light weight of my latest acquisition, the Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-32mm 3.5-5.6 ASPH. At 12 mm the maximum aperture is f3.5, but that quickly rises to beyond f5, and using such a slow lens at dusk or even at night feels odd for someone accustomed to using fast primes. But again, lenses always come with trade-offs. Sensor stabilization takes care of the problem for me, allowing me to hold effective 64 mm at 1/4 s. This is not an action shooter’s lens, but for my purposes it is fine.

The Song of the Day is again “When Lights Are Low” by Roberta Gambarini. Hear it on YouTube.

Apr 292014

In general, Saturday was a sunny day, except for the two hours while I was out with the intention of taking photographs. In the end I spent the time shopping and mourning the sun through rain-splashed windows. Naturally, as soon as I was back home, the sun was again up in a clear blue sky. I didn’t let it fool me once more though :D

The Song of the Day is “When Sunny Gets Blue” from the 1967 album “Simply Streisand”. Hear it on YouTube.

Apr 192014

Last week we had some impressive rain in Vienna. It didn’t last long, but when it lashed against the window of my workplace on the seventh floor, it could get positively scary. Here’s an impression of the window sill, taken through raindrops on the glass, from near, with the aperture wide open and at slow speed. I like the pattern :)

The Song of the Day is “Every Drop Of Rain” from the David Byrne and Fatboy Slim concept album “Here Lies Love”. Hear it on YouTube.