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1065 – Your Own Choice

You may or may not object to it, but resistance is futile. Today an image is what you make of the raw data that the sensor captured.

These are two images of Saturday, our last day in Poland. We had been visiting Ko?ciuszko Mound in the morning (the image of the spiral stairs is from there), later the salt mines of Wieliczka, and finally, late on that overcast and gloomy afternoon, we drove a little bit around, and that’s where I made the other image.

As to the Image of the Day, I could not really decide what I like better, the B&W version, concentrating on tonal density and contrast, or the color version, concentrating more on the Yin-Yang aspect. I like both. You decide.

The other image is presented in two versions, to the left straight out of the camera, and to the right what I made of the RAW file. This is not a particularly good image, it’s more that I tried what I can do with it and myself was surprised about the result. I post it as a reminder to all those JPEG shooters. You miss something 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Your Own Choice” from the 1970 Procol Harum album “Home”. Hear it on YouTube.

By the way, I had a hard time with yesterday’s image of the town hall in Tarnów. I finally decided to give it an overhaul and have cropped it from below. The result finally has the balance that I was looking for. See for yourself. You may have to reload the page to see the new image.

691 – Electric Ladyland VIII

I spent all of Wednesday hurrying between Klagenfurt and Villach, transporting things, coordinating work, buying furniture, well, you don’t want to know. I had already given up hope for an image, when on my return from Villach, minutes before sunset, the clouds in the west cleared and gave way to bright golden light. Normally you’d be glad about it, but while on the highway, busy driving? I had to get off and up some high place, for one of the hills north of Wörthersee.

Off the highway I got, but it was simply too late. Faced with a sun that had already vanished in murky clouds, I gave up, parked the car and in desperation made some photos of a tree and some power lines against the last of the red. Well, what finally made it is the product of more than a little Photoshop enhancement, but to my surprise it turne out quite well.

As always in this series: The Song of the Day is still “Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” from Jimi Hendrix’ 1968 album “Electric Ladyland“.

684 – Electric Ladyland VII

I spent the night in Salzburg and in the morning I took the train back to Vienna. This is some electric wiring over the place in front of Salzburg’s main train station. I took three images, but the first was it.

As always in this series: The Song of the Day is still “Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” from Jimi Hendrix’ 1968 album “Electric Ladyland“.

674 – From A Distance

It was no particularly beautiful day today. It was a bit hazy, but good enough to go swimming. I shot 17 images in 20 minutes, three of them are here, the Image of the Day and another square …

… and then there is one more that could be in my “Electric Ladyland” series.

It’s late and I leave you with the Song of the Day, “From A Distance” by the Divine Miss M, to be heard on her 1990 album “Some People’s Lives“. Hear the album version and a live version on YouTube.

667 – Electric Ladyland VI

I’ve spent most of my day sleeping and mulling over a title for yesterday’s entry, and what meager fruit I earned, I earned it late afternoon on my way to the lake. I was really in a hurry, thus I had no time to experiment. I settled with an image that I had already taken once and not used then. Today I used the new Nikon 70-300 VR at 112mm and f8.

As always in this series: The Song of the Day is still “Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” from Jimi Hendrix’ 1968 album “Electric Ladyland“.

528 – Electric Ladyland IV

Two very different images, two very different treatments in post-processing. The Image of the Day was shot at the same place as “489 – Electric Ladyland III“, only some meters to the left and with a different lens. The landscape is completely dominated by masts and cables, dissonant as the rough, noisy finish that I have chosen. In contrast to this we have the undulating, horizontal lines of the other image, bucolic, soft, finished with a soft blur on top.

It would be about time to answer to Ted Byrne’s recent essay “What Do We Do After We Go “Wow”? The purpose of beauty in art photography“, and these two images could be an anchor, but it’s too late now. I’ll try it tomorrow 🙂

In case you have not guessed it: The Song of the Day is still “Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” from Jimi Hendrix’ 1968 album “Electric Ladyland“.

489 – Electric Ladyland III

This entry could have been “Give’em Enough Rope” after the 1978 Clash album. On Thursday (yes, I’m two days late, this is the entry for Thursday) I went to take some images of the church of the small village Selpritsch.

The images of the church were not particularly interesting, but in front of the church, there is a playground with this rope dangling from a tree. I took the image with the Sigma 70/2.8 at f2.8 and from fairly near. Thus the DOF.

This entry could have been “Give’em Enough Rope”, but instead we are back to the power lines. Taking images of power lines has become something of a project lately. It is part of an examination of the tensions between tradition and the effects of modern life. This is all really at the very beginning and even I don’t know exactly what direction it will take. Let’s see.

The Song of the Day is still “Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” from Jimi Hendrix’ 1968 album “Electric Ladyland“.

487 – Electric Ladyland II

Hmm … seems like the Song of the Day stays the same, and so does the subject of my images. Only one so far for today, I may add one or two later.

This image was shot with the Sigma 150/2.8 Macro. Much less a typical landscape lens than the 70/2.8, but that’s what I’m after at the moment: atypical landscape shots. This one is about a juxtaposition between a line of trees and a line of poles, and most of all it is about depth.

486 – Electric Ladyland

Harmony? Disharmony? Shooting landscapes in our modern times can be tough. Of course you can get out into the big national parks (Austria has quite some of them), and then you won’t be bothered by power and telephone lines, but then, why be bothered at all? Are they not an integral part of our life? Don’t we depend on them more than on anything else? Our heating system burns oil (hmm … another such folly), but without electric power it would stop. It is controlled by a computer, it can be programmed to start and stop at certain times of day, to target certain temperatures, whatsoever, but take away these ugly power lines that we photographers hate so much … and it stops.

If it must be, here is a harmonious image as well. Both were shot with the Sigma 70/2.8 at f11, in both I have cloned out some minor distractions. Disharmonious disharmony? Never!

The Song of the Day is “Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” from Jimi Hendrix’ 1968 album “Electric Ladyland“.