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3238 – Graffiti For Girls

I have no children, do you? Girls? And if so, do you worry about pink or do you simply accept it? And if you’re in opposition, how do you cope with the fact that shops almost force you to buy girls’ clothes in pink? How do you cope with peer-pressure on your girls?

Or do you just give in and buy Kitty bags? Is it even worth opposing the pinkifcation of our girls?

2890 – The Emperor

The local museum in Villach currently runs an exhibition of old pictures of the city, mostly early photographs some paintings and some early maps. It’s pretty interesting to see, what the place where you live has looked like, one or two hundred years ago.

Of course even ten years sometimes make a tremendous difference. Take for instance the part of Vienna where I live now. It’s currently expanding like mad and it does so in a mostly positive way. In fact Vienna invests a lot in planning and infrastructure, in order to not repeat the sins of the past.

But I digress. The bust in the image is from the museum and it shows the emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, commonly referred to as “The Emperor”, just as if there never had been another monarch claiming the title 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Emperor” by Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy. Hear it on YouTube.

2799 – Swell Window

Two weeks ago I was again in my old hunting grounds, the seventh district, probably Vienna’s most colorful, varied and interesting part, full of galleries (“Westlicht” is here, a photography gallery with a strong auction business), restaurants and shops of all sorts. I was there to buy something to hang between two windows and ended up with an old mirror from Morton’s Art Palace, likely my favorite furniture shop.

The actual image is the base of a shop window. Inside we see pink drapery and a price tag hanging from something we don’t see. There’s a blue wood panel on the wall below the window, and in the lower left corner we see pavement. This is my personal most favorite image from the last months.

The Song of the Day is “Swell Window” by Zee Avi. Hear it on YouTube.

2796 – Sexy

Here’s another image from the same walk through Villach as the two shown yesterday. I love the colors and I didn’t want to stow it away among the B&W images.

This is the window of some sex shop or peep show (or both?) and I like the contrast between the modern look of the font and the shabby decay of the surface.

The Song of the Day is “Sexy” from the Devil Doll album “The Return of Eve”. Hear it on YouTube.

2471 – Bed Of Roses

Born in 1964, I grew up in the 1970s, a time that was largely covered in the second part of Adam Curtis’ brilliant documentation “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace”, a time when big business had “got it” how to catch up with the rebellious spirits of the 1960s and channel the desires of a generation into pure consumerism. It was a time when bands stopped playing in clubs and started to play in stadiums, a time when rock bands had their own aircraft.

On the darker side it was a time when international terrorism had its heyday, only to be followed by a series of false flag operations under the direction of western secret services. It was a time of disillusionment and ongoing political protest, a time that spawned the Green Parties in Europe.

But although the spirit had been tainted, although things had turned out vastly more complicated than they had seemed in the 1960s, there was tremendous success on a whole number of fronts. Women’s Liberation was only one part of it, but that’s where I was heading for, because here we are with today’s images 🙂

Women have fought for their equal rights, and although I am really a generation younger, even to me and those born roughly at the same time, the very thought of women being a different species (or race, if you want it) seems bizarre, and that although it was largely accepted only one, two decades earlier. The problem is, like in so many other areas, progress has not only stopped, we are in fact going back rapidly.

Need proof? Well, I don’t have children, the only child I have been following growing up was Michael, a boy, but I do have eyes. When was the last time you were in a “Toys’R’Us”? Really, if like me you don’t need to, go into one of those toy supermarkets (that have replaced all the smaller, individual toy shops) anyway, and look for girl’s toys. Don’t ask, don’t read signs, you won’t need to. There is no chance you wouldn’t find them, at least as long as you’re not color blind.

Children’s clothing? Girls’ clothes? Girls’ school bags? Bicycles?

Today we live in a bizarre age of “Political Correctness”, which in reality is all surface, Newspeak masking a new age of gender apartheid.

And it works. When I see young women today, women who were born in or after the conservative backlash of the 1980s, women who dress their girls in pink, then they themselves wear pink and makeup and bras and they giggle girlishly. Not all of them of course, but the degree of uniformity (and the willingness to accept it) are breathtaking.

Why worry? Let them have it if they want it, you say? Maybe, but these people are so obviously the victims of propaganda, that it troubles me that at the same time these are the people who by voting keep our institutional overlords in perpetual power.

According to these re-established role conventions I should present myself manly, ideally as a warrior, but that is all rubbish. Sometimes when I feel the need I’ll make “unmanly” images like those of today’s post, made of roses in the parking lot of a local furniture shop. It’s not all idyllic though. If you have a close look at the upper right corner, you see how close paradise can be to hell 😀

The Song of the Day is “Bed Of Roses” from Bette Midler’s 1995 album “Bette Of Roses”. Hear the whole album on YouTube. The actual song starts at 28:17.

2390 – Pink Noise Waltz IV

Friday morning I took a series of images of fallen blossoms. They look like a great and easy subject, but in fact most of the pictures came to nothing. But then, the culprit could be not the subject but the photographer 😀

Anyway, it was probably the last time this year that image could have been taken. It’s all gone now, and what may still be there has lost its color.

The Song of the Day is “Pink Noise Waltz” from the 2006 Diablo Swing Orchestra album “The Butcher’s Ballroom”. Incredibly good, but hear for yourself on YouTube.

2135 – Pink On White Walls II

I saw this girl’s shoe today when I went home from work. I really had wanted to go directly to the train, but in the end I returned home and took a big paper bag with mostly empty lens boxes. As I said, I’ll get rid of all my Nikon gear (with the likely exception of the Sigma 150/2.8 Macro), and as I already have most lenses in Carinthia, it is a good idea to have the boxes in the same place. Otherwise I’ll never sell them 🙂

For the second time the Song of the Day is “Pink On White Walls” from Paul Weller’s 1995 album “Stanley Road”. The first tiem we had it in “955 – Pink On White Walls“. Hear it on YouTube.

2126 – How Deep Is the Red

This was the first image that I took today, directly in front of the house. I was in a hurry and this mix of two very different reddish colors came convenient 🙂

The Song of the Day is “How Deep Is the Red” (admittedly not that deep) from Elvis Costello’s 2009 album “Secret, Profane And Sugarcane”. I wonder why I’ve never used it, but probably it has not been available on YouTube until now.

2054 – Candy’s Room

This is a view through the window into a room that once was a Chinese restaurant near where I work.

Maybe it was not good enough, maybe the place is too much off the tracks for a restaurant, in any case it stood empty for at least two years, most likely more. I have no idea what they build there, but in any case it must have been hard to find a new tenant.

The last image was taken just as my train arrived, literally in the last second before it blocked my view. I saw that I stood pretty much exactly between two wagons, raised the camera, waited as long as I could, and the moment I had to release the shutter, a woman walked into the image, just at the right spot.

The Song of the Day is Bruce Springsteen’s “Candy’s Room” from the 1978 album “Darkness On The Edge Of Town”. Hear it on YouTube.