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2582 – Borderline

I guess you can see from my current images that we have bad weather over here. Not as bad as elsewhere (all my best wishes to those hit by Haiyan), thus to complain would be frivolous.

Of course now even the most skeptic have understood that climate change is man made. The linked video has been taken offline for copyright reasons, but of course it’s all over YouTube. No further comments.

The Song of the Day is “Borderline” by Amanda Jenssen. Hear it on YouTube.

494 – On Every Street

It’s Friday morning now and this is the image for Tuesday. Still struggling πŸ™‚

I didn’t have too many spectacular things, so you gotta to work with what you have, right? I’ve treated this image with my recipe for creating detail in noisy or slightly unfocused images, neither because it was noisy, nor because it was badly focused, no, I did it in order to not lose detail.

The problem is, that these street scenes against the sundown contain so incredibly much contrast, that you really have to push the image to extremes, in order to get shadow detail, and if you didn’t have noise before, then you have it for sure. The final image has rich detail, is smooth and has color depth. I’d print it big anytime.

The Song of the Day is “On Every Street” from the 1991 Dire Straits album “On Every Street“. See a live version on YouTube.

273 – Movin’ on a Fast Train

Life’s about choices, right? Well, I had the choices of either annoying you with another flower image, or breaking the Law and presenting you an image from Wednesday night that I really like. I chose to break the Law, after all, it’s mine πŸ™‚

I shot this image maybe ten minutes after the one from “271 – Night Lights“, and again I used the new Sigma 20/1.8.

More choices. Yesterday I chose to not take my camera into the concert of Romanian brass band “Fanfare Cioc?rlia“. Bad choice! The concert was one of the best I’ve ever seen, and at the end they simply left the stage and played on in the foyer, in the midst of a dancing crowd. Spectacular! Ecstatic! I could have shot a hundred images, but on the other hand, dancing in ecstasy was not a bad choice either πŸ™‚

If you don’t know Fanfare Cioc?rlia, you really should sample some of their albums, e.g. the 2001 release “Iag Bari” or the recent “Queens and Kings“. Or any other. They are all that good.

But back to this image. It is not that it is terribly original, there are millions of images shot of the reflection in a scooter’s mirror, and even I have made some of them, but what I like in this particular one is the lucky moment, the dynamism that lies in the antagonism between the parking car and the moving train. And there’s more to it. If you only look at the car, it looks like moving as well, just before an imminent crash with the viewer.

The Song of the day is Van Morrison’s “Fast Train“, but here are choices again. Van Morrison himself on a bonus track to his 2002 album “Down the Road” (we had the album in “243 – Evening Shadows“)? Or better Solomon Burke on his 2002 album “Don’t Give Up on Me“? My choice is Solomon Burke, and what is your’s?

132 – Tightly Packed

Yesterday’s image was not exactly a tremendous success. No single comment on Smugmug in a day, I haven’t had that since joining their “Daily Photos” community. The two people I have asked personally, have told me, that the image triggers no association with prison whatsoever, that it is simply a hand and a fence, altogether looking contrived. Well, that’s for realizing concepts πŸ™‚

Today’s image was shot with the Nikon 18-200 at 200mm. I have cropped it and in Lab I have applied what Dan Margulis calls the “Man from Mars”, but where that color separating layer is normally applied with anything between 5% and 10% opacity, I have used a whopping 50% here. That’s where all the color comes from.

I had to search my collection for some time to find a Song of the Day. In the end I came up with “Tonight Romanticize The Automobile” by Hawksley Workman from his album “Lover / Fighter“, an absolute winner, not only for this song.

Now for something completely different, the Story of the Day. It is from the Guardian. A blogger in Egypt has been sentenced to four years for insulting Islam and Hosni Mubarak. Scary, ain’t it?

From the article I know that Amnesty International runs a campaign against censorship on the Internet, and that they ask you to sign a petition and add some code to your homepage to display a quote from their database of censored statements. You see it in the sidebar. Not exactly friendly to this blog’s design, but, oh well!

Oh, and just one more thing. Today, while strolling around after work I came by a camera shop that I had not known yet, and in their window I saw a Nikon 50/1.2. Well, what can I say? I guess you’ll see some images soon.