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3817 – The Garden

The manual focus 25/0.95 Mitakon Speedmaster is a lens that feels and looks good on the PEN-F. I think in the meantime they sell it in silver as well, and that would be an even better match. The fate of the early adopter 🙂

Of course in an image like this, any lens would do. Had I used the Olympus 25/1.8, I’d even be able to tell you the aperture I’ve used. Must have been around f2.8, I guess.

3395 – Young Racers

Directly below the Miradouro there is a park. It’s a fine place to stop at a kiosk and enjoy a sip of white wine. Well, it was only from a plastic cup, but nevertheless it was nice.

The light was already low and golden, and of course I couldn’t resist taking a few more images. I like this one for the perfect position of the young man and for the way the edge of the cloud mirrors the way through the park 🙂

3313 – Peaceful Europe

Yesterday night the dreadful attacks in Paris have happened, today our politicians already call for restrictions of civil rights, more surveillance, more totalitarianism.

As if it had helped in France! After the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the French government has already introduced laws that are widely criticized as too broad, giving the police almost unrestricted and uncontrolled power, laws that the next dictatorship will be thankful for.

It didn’t work. It can’t work. Whenever you take freedoms away, democracy dies a little, but regardless of how much freedom you take away, there is always plenty of opportunity for a small, determined force to wage terror, especially when they don’t value their lives.

Whatever you do, this reflexive first reaction is completely wrong. I don’t know what the answer is, but it can’t be to shut down democracy.