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399 – Amid the Falling Snow

I’ve promised you snow, well, this is snow ­čÖé

It does not look exactly like a tiny park almost in the center of Vienna, but that’s only the power of the wide-angle. This is a park along the 200 meters between my workplace and the entrance to the Underground. When I walked by, on my way to the train, I suddenly saw the peculiar configuration of these trees, the snow sticking to their north sides and the still colored leaves.

Sigma 10-20 at 16mm, f6.7. 1/40s and ISO 100. Post-processing in Capture NX and Photoshop.

The other image is from this morning. By chance I saw an open house entrance, walked in and took some images. This is the one I liked most. Post-processing with Photomatix Pro and Photoshop. I’ve deliberately added some grain. I know that many people detest it, but in some cases it simply looks right.

The Song of the Day is “Amid the Falling Snow” from Enya’s fabulous 2005 album “Amarantine“. Hear it on YouTube.

367 – Between the Bars

I have made some changes. Up to now, clicking on an image brought you to my SmugMug gallery, and when you clicked there again, you could probably have got a bigger version. Or maybe not. This was confusing and not very useful. From now on, clicking on an image always brings you directly to a big version. Try it with this image and you’ll see. The catch is, that this will only work with new images.

These big versions are bigger than anything I have displayed yet. Ah you say, beware, people steal images, but I say I want my images to be seen. If sometimes one gets “stolen”, so what?

I shot the image this afternoon with the Nikon 18-200 at 200mm and f8. This is a park left of our Parliament (as seen from Ringstra├če) and there is a ramp down into the underground garage with railings on both sides. I shot the image through the bars of both railings, that’s what the vertical stripes are.

The Song of the Day is “Between the Bars” from Madeleine Peyroux’ 2004 album “Careless Love“. See the video on YouTube.

248 – My Heart Belongs to Daddy

I shot quite some images yesterday, some before, some after swimming and this was afterwards, with the sun already very low. This is in the park along “Kaiserwasser“, a part of “Alte Donau” that’s between the island “G├Ąnseh├Ąufl” and the underground station “Kaiserm├╝hlen-Vienna International Center (VIC)”.

I was mainly interested in the light and the alignment of the two trees, and when I saw the man with the girl coming along, my first impulse was to wait, but then I saw how perfectly they aligned with the two trees and I changed my mind.

Over the course of the last weeks I have worked mostly with Capture NX, but some images scream Photoshop and this is one of them. To the left, at the same distance as the woman, there was part of a bench with unidentifiable things on it, behind the man and the girl, at the edge of the river was a light blanket on the ground and maybe some picnic equipment, I don’t know. In any case these things were high contrast and positively distracting, so I cloned them out, along with some litter.

The other thing was colors. Of course I could have tried to get this result in Capture NX, and with many color control points I probably would have succeeded, but in Lab color mode, applying a “Man from Mars”, it took me a minute or two to get vibrant colors and a good deal of color depth, and that’s not even with an action.

Cole Porter’s song “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” is the Song of the Day, and I thought we have a look at something fresh (for Cole Porter standards that is), for instance the version by Swedish Jazz singer Lisa Ekdahl on her 2002 album “Heaven Earth & Beyond“. No sound samples here, but the German shop of Amazon has them.