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3350 – Bearing His Cross

Now we are on the hill, this is Igreja da Graça, church of a monastery of the Order of Saint Augustine.

The church itself is not spectacular, it looks pretty much like a typical Jesuit church to me, but likely I’m missing a few fine points 🙂

As far as I understood, there would have been a cloister to visit, but it was closed due to restoration works. Doesn’t matter, we’ll get to a fine cloister in São Vicente.

Two things were interesting here. The first is the ceiling (it would be interesting to see the original colors), and the second is the peculiar kind of altar, a little bit in the shape of a mountain.

This type of altar is very common in Lisbon and I can’t remember having seen anything comparable anywhere else in Europe. Thus, while the church could be in every country under Catholic reign during the age of Baroque, the altar marks it as distinctly portuguese.

On the right side of the altar, stairs lead up to a separate room, where a statue of Jesus bearing the cross is stored. Once every year it is carried through the parish, leading an Easter procession.

The view outside goes west and it was definitely worth the detour. The official name of the place is Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, named after a famous (an to me completely unknown) Portuguese author.

3154 – The Big Picture II

No fishes were harmed in the taking of these pictures. I’ve climbed up the tower in the main square of Retz, used the Olympus 12/2.0 to take a big number of pictures, and Lightroom made all the stitching for me.

And it did flawlessly so, I might say. Or almost. There is a tiny glitch with an antenna far in the background of the main picture, and there is also a possible artifact in the horizon line. Or the horizon line looks different from what I’d expect 🙂

The resulting images are in the 40 megapixel range. Of course you who shoot with the latest incarnation of the Canon 5D have this with every shot, but then, I really don’t care. I can’t remember when was the last time that I printed images.

Oh yes, now I do. It was when I moved into my current apartment in Vienna, two years ago. My new walls had space for three pictures. One of them was taken with the 12 megapixel D300, the other two with the 16 megapixel OMD EM-5. All three are A3 size prints that are as big as the free wall space would allow – and all three look great.

It would be different if I’d shoot stock images or even tried to sell in galleries. I don’t do, so an image size that was more than plenty ten years ago is still sufficient for my needs today. After all, it’s still twice the pixel count of the biggest monitors money can buy today and more than four times that of my current biggest monitors 🙂

Btw, clicking on these images loads the original sizes from Flickr.

The Song of the Day is one more time “The Big Picture” by Elton John. Hear it on

3118 – The Big Picture I

Panoramic images like this one look like crap on the web, don’t you think so? Well, you probably should have a look on the full size of 15385 x 4522 pixels on Flickr. That’s slightly more than 64 megapixels. Looks better? Thought so 😀

Lightroom CC has stitched this image automatically from 13 source images with plenty of overlap, taken at manual settings with the Olympus 75/1.8 at f8. I’ve rotated the result slightly and applied sharpening. I see no stitching errors whatsoever. It just worked. Took some minutes though 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Big Picture” by Zane Williams. Hear it on YouTube.