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2887 – Song With Orange

Given the fact that I work in a part of Vienna now, that a majority of Viennese would consider the end of the world, it’s remarkable how much inspiration I find in the immediate vicinity of my office.

This splotch of orange paint is on the pavement in front of the building, just where I always have to wait before I can cross the extremely busy street. The orange may not be just as orange and the asphalt may not be just as bluish in reality, but that’s what post-processing is for. And besides, isn’t reality terribly overrated? 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Song With Orange” by Charles Mingus. Hear it on YouTube.

2772 – Lucky

Fashion is maybe a concept that I have grown too old for. Fashion always interested me and for a few periods in my life I have followed it with passion. These were also cases of a process being more important than its outcome.

Have you ever thought about painting cat’s whiskers in your face and going out like that? You’ve done that in carnival? Really? And now? Would you do that now in mid-May? And if not, why not? One doesn’t do that, huh?

Fashion is the kind of conformant deviation that herd animals allow themselves to enjoy. Wearing old fashion or non-fashion means staying behind or outside, being rejected from the herd.

Well, apart from the fact that trend setters and fashion makers by necessity have to do just that, and in their case fashion gets created out of non-fashion, apart from that, just not caring about fashion can be incredibly liberating.

Not caring about fashion means not caring about other people’s opinions about things that only relate to me. Mind you, I don’t suggest ignoring other people’s opinions in general, much to the contrary, but if I like my walls painted in bright colors (as I do), then I have them painted in blue and green and yellow, with red and white furniture, and if the world cries “Garish!”, I just relax, smile and enjoy to be free.

Why this post is called “Lucky” you ask? Oh my, just because. “Lucky” by Kat Edmonson is such a nice song, I had to use it 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.

1957 – Orange Colored Sky

Today it was pretty clear that the sundown would be spectacular, I just couldn’t decide where to go.

My first impulse was Faaker See, a lake very near Villach, where I know a place that’s ideal for picturing the setting sun. There is still ice on the lake though, and because I wanted reflections in water, I finally chose the bridge over the river Drau/Drava in Rosegg, an old favorite of mine.

The Song of the Day is “Orange Colored Sky” by Michael Bublé. Hear it on YouTube.

Oh and, just because I stumbled upon it, here’s one song more: a fantastic “Blue Moon” by an early Frank Sinatra. SCNR 😀

1954 – Night Vision II

An image of yesterday night. Not only bicycles make for nice, graphic subjects, bicycle stands do as well 🙂

I’ve spent quite some time searching for a title and a Song of the Day, trying to avoid another repetition. No luck. I have already used Suzanne Vega’s “Night Vision” from the 1987 album “Solitude Standing” in “1645 – Night Vision”. See her perform it on Swedish TV on YouTube.

779 – Night Comes On II

I suppose you know the view from my study by now 🙂

We had this view in two very different morning images, “755 – That Moment“, two weeks later, “767 – Frosty Morning Blues I“, and today it’s an evening image. I fully recognize that this series will eventually have to come to an end, but I guess one or two more can’t hurt 🙂

Today we had the antithesis of typical photo weather. It was raining all of the day in varying degrees, but it was still cold enough that the rain only managed to compress the snow. You know, I am not picky when it comes to going out with the camera, but sometimes even my ambition has an end.

This image was shot from the tripod through the open window. I have shortly tried to post-process it, but quickly found out that there was not much that I could contribute after the fact. This is the JPEG straight from the camera.

Funny, I had already chosen the title, looked up all the videos and the other links, when I recognized that I have used this title just recently. Anyway, I’ll keep it at that, the Song of the Day is again “Night Comes On“, originally from Leonard Cohen’s 1985 album “Various Positions”. Hear it on YouTube, either Cohen’s version or nice cover by “The Avalanche Quartet“. Their version is from the album “Leonard Cohen Songs“. Very recommendable for sure.

711 – Autumn’s Here

I don’t change lenses all the time. I like to keep my lenses for some days, like to get into their way of seeing. I am in no way a fanatic. If it’s a zoom, I use it as a zoom, if it’s a prime, I zoom with my feet. I do have a slight preference for fast primes though. At the moment it’s the Sigma 20/1.8, just because I had it still mounted from yesterday’s gloomy, rainy afternoon.

The first image for today is a composition that I kinda like, although I liked it even more with two people, a man and a woman, crossing in the background. I had waited for the perfect moment, all positions were exactly how they needed to be, the image was balanced and … focus was all wrong. I wanted it on the bicycle but got it on the background. Oh well.

The Image of the Day was shot some minutes earlier on a street corner with a flower shop. They sell tiny pumpkins for decoration, but of course when you get in very near, everything becomes big.

The Song of the Day is “Autumn’s Here” from Hawksley Workman’s 2003 album “Lover / Fighter“. See him perform live on YouTube.

705 – The Way You Look Tonight

Yesterday I left work late, night had fallen, and though I had a usable bicycle, shot in the morning, I did not stop looking. I finally found a yellowish/orange Vespa scooter, but it would not pose as I needed it. It was impossible to separate from the grown-up motorcycles around it, and thus I used it as a diffuse foreground.

The Song of the Day is “The Way You Look Tonight” from Bryan Ferry’s wonderful 1999 album of standards, “As Time Goes By“. I have no luck with this album, nobody put the song on YouTube and the sound sample from last.fm covers only the instrumental intro, but at least if you are a resident of the US, you may be able to hear it on Rhapsody.com. At least that’s what I think, I can’t check.

704 – It’s In The Rain

Today I have seen images of hurricane Ike on The Big Picture. No, I won’t complain about the weather. There’s worse than what rain we have. It rains at the moment, but it is supposed to stop in the night or at least tomorrow.

I still use the 50/1.8, I still photograph from under the umbrella, and when everything else fails, I can always play the old color game. A blue car, a yellow/orange shop, that’s it for today.

The Song of the Day is “It’s In The Rain” from Enya’s 2005 album “Amarantine“. See the video on YouTube.